The work of Nobel Laureate Lloyd Shapley, UCLA professor emeritus in the departments of Mathematics and Economics, is being showcased in “The Best Writing on Mathematics: 2014,” to be published by Princeton University Press on Dec. 17.

“College Admissions and the Stability of Marriage,” co-authored by Shapley with UC Berkeley’s David Gale, was originally published in 1962 in American Mathematical Monthly. The essay will appear in the Princeton book, alongside contributions from renowned mathematicians Brian Hayes, Mark Braverman, Bruce Torrence, John Conway, Jordan Ellenberg and Francis Edward Su, among others.

The landmark essay demonstrated an algorithm to reach an optimal match between two groups of people — for example, men and women in a "marriage market" — in a way that is stable. This theoretical contribution has found relevance in a large number of real-world situations, such as matching prospective students with colleges, or patients needing organ transplants with donors.

Shapley, 89, who joined the UCLA faculty in 1981, won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2012. He is widely considered one of the fathers of game theory. His research has focused on non-cooperative market models, political games, cost allocation and organization theory.

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