Andrea Bertozzi, professor of mathematics and mechanical and aerospace engineering, has been awarded the 2019 Ralph E. Kleinman Prize.

The prize is presented by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics every two years to one individual for outstanding research or other contributions that bridge the gap between math and its applications. SIAM is an international community of more than 14,500 members whose goals are to advance the application of mathematics, to promote research that will lead to effective new mathematical and computational methods and techniques and to provide media for the exchange of ideas among mathematicians, engineers and scientists.

“It is a great honor to be awarded this prize,” Bertozzi said. “The Kleinman Prize epitomizes what I enjoy most about my research — discovering and developing new mathematics in parallel to new scientific work, and finding creative uses for high level mathematics in science.”

Bertozzi is the director of applied mathematics at UCLA and was named the inaugural Betsy Wood Knapp Chair for Innovation and Creativity. Her research interests include nonlinear partial differential equations and applied mathematics. Bertozzi was previously elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences and was also elected to the National Academy of Sciences.