Nina Hyams, distinguished professor of linguistics, has been selected to be a Linguistic Society of America Fellow for its 2020 class.

Founded in 1924, the Linguistic Society of America focuses on advancing the scientific study of language. The society promotes its mission through scholarly communication, community building and professional development as part of a strategic plan it adopted in 2019. Members of the Society are elected to be fellows based on several categories, including scholarly excellence, service to speech communities, service to government and teaching excellence.

Hyams primary research focus is language acquisition in children. Her work spans many areas of language development, including the development of functional structure in early grammar. She has studied development in many languages, such as English, Italian, Greek, Dutch, German, Swahili and Japanese, among others. Hyams explores the interaction of different components in language development, and she is also interested in models of universal grammar and their impact in language development.