Sociology professor John Heritage has been given the title of academician by the Academy of Social Sciences, an organization that aims to promote social science in the United Kingdom for public benefit. The title was given on March 20 to 28 social scientists from the fields of education, geography, social work, gerontology, law, sociology, economics and psychology, among others. Academicians are distinguished scholars and practitioners from academia and the public and private sectors who are given this status after a peer group has reviewed the standing and impact of their work. The academy is made up of 900 academicians and more than 90,000 represented social scientists.
Heritage is a leading researcher in the fields of ethnomethodology and conversation analytics. He introduced a broader audience to ethnomethodology in his 1984 book of the same name, which explored how people create social orders. Currently his research focuses on conversation analytics with three main areas of focus: assertion and respect of authority in conversation, the reception and reaction of audiences in political arenas, and interaction in medicine.