Jennifer Silvers, assistant professor of developmental and social psychology in the UCLA College, has received the Boyd McCandless Award from the American Psychological Association for her distinguished contribution to developmental psychology. The award is given annually by the association’s division of developmental psychology to a young scientist who has made continued outstanding efforts in the field.

Silvers runs the Social Affective Neuroscience and Developmental Lab, where she and her team study how early experiences, including exposure to early adversity, alters neurodevelopmental trajectories related to emotion regulation, learning and decision making. While the primary focus of this research is to characterize normative development, Silvers and the members of the lab also seek to translate basic scientific findings to special populations who are at risk for emotion dysregulation.

She received her doctorate in psychology from Columbia University in 2013, and became a UCLA faculty member in 2016, joining the psychology department and the brain research institute. In 2019, she received a Hellman fellowship from UCLA and a career award from the National Science Foundation.