Sam Emaminejad, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering in the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, has received a PATHS-UP’s Faculty Innovation Seed Fund grant to further his research into health care technology.

PATHS-UP, which stands for Precise Advanced Technologies and Health Systems for Underserved Populations, was funded by the National Science Foundation in 2017. PATHS-UP's mission is to improve the health of underserved groups with cost-effective technologies and systems at the point-of-care.

Emaminejad’s research focuses on wearable electronics and other forms of non-invasive technology which can improve health monitoring. He is the founder and director of the Interconnected & Integrated Bioelectronics Lab at UCLA, whose research focuses on mobile and wearable technology’s ability to provide personalized, precision medicine. Emaminejad is also the recipient of multiple awards, including the NSF CAREER award, the Young Alumni Achievement Medal from the University of Waterloo and the SGTC Distinguished Young Investigator Award.