John Agnew, distinguished professor of geography and Italian in the UCLA College, has been recognized by the International Studies Association with the Myron Weiner Distinguished Scholar Award for 2020.

Presented annually, the Myron Weiner Award recognizes distinguished scholars for their contributions in the fields of political demography and political geography. Founded in 1959, the International Studies Association is one of the oldest interdisciplinary associations dedicated to understanding international, transnational and global affairs.

Agnew’s research interests include place and politics in Italy, European urbanization and the geopolitics of the world economy. In 2019, he was awarded the Vautrin Lud Prize, one of the highest honors in the field of geography. He was also presented with a Guggenheim Fellowship in 2003 and the UCLA Teaching Award in 2007. Agnew has written several books, including “Globalization and Sovereignty: Beyond the Territorial Trap,” “Hegemony: The New Shape of Global Power” and “Making Political Geography.”