Dr. Rhonda Voskuhl, a professor of neurology and clinician at UCLA Health, was selected by the Lancet Neurology for its monthly neurologist profile, a feature limited to the world’s top neurologists. 

Voskuhl, director of the UCLA Multiple Sclerosis Program and faculty in the Comprehensive Menopause Care Program at UCLA Health, was awarded the inaugural Rachel Horne Prize for Women’s Research in MS in 2023 for her work highlighting the effect of menopause on neurodegeneration and identifying potential therapies.

“Being the inaugural winner is important to me because this prize will enhance investigation of mechanisms underlying sex-specific effects on disease, leveraging clinical observations of sex differences towards optimal, tailored treatment of women and men,” she told the Lancet. “Notably, it has taken women reaching leadership positions in clinics, labs, politics and journalism for this to be addressed.”

Voskuhl is an internationally recognized expert in sex differences research, demonstrating roles for sex hormones and sex chromosomes in the immune system and the central nervous system.

Covering her early years as a basketball player in Oklahoma to her award-winning research at UCLA, the journal describes Voskuhl as “a star player in her field.” Her profile is published in the journal’s February 2024 issue.