Smadar Naoz, assistant professor in the UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy, has been selected among 126 scientists and scholars from throughout the United States and Canada to receive a 2015 Sloan Research Fellowship from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

The fellowships are awarded to “extraordinary young scientists who are pushing the boundaries of scientific knowledge,” said Paul L. Joskow, president of the New York-based philanthropic foundation, which was established in 1934.

Said Daniel L. Goroff, vice president of the Sloan Foundation and director of the fellowship program, “Becoming a Sloan Research Fellow means joining a long and distinguished tradition of scientific explorers who have gone on to make the most meaningful and significant discoveries.” 

Just last month, Naoz was selected to receive the 2015 American Astronomical Society Annie Jump Cannon Prize for outstanding research and the promise for future exceptional research. Her research has explained the surprising observations of many "hot Jupiters" with orbits that are eccentric or inclined relative to the equator of their host star, and she has provided the first complete and accurate treatment of the dynamics of such a system. She is interested in a broad range of topics in theoretical astrophysics, including cosmology and extrasolar planets, as well as the theoretical challenges and problems in the dynamics of our solar and extra-solar planetary systems. Learn more at Naoz's webpage. 

Sloan Research Fellowships are intended to enhance the careers of exceptional young scientists and scholars in chemistry, computer science, economics, mathematics, computational and evolutionary molecular biology, neuroscience, ocean sciences, and physics. Candidates are selected based on their research accomplishments, creativity and potential to become leaders in their fields. For more information, visit the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.