In a demonstration of its standing in unity with with Black Bruins, be they staff, faculty, students, alumni or everyone who has ever called UCLA “home,” UCLA Staff Assembly has pledged to match all UCLA staff donations to any organization doing the work of antiracism (in any amount and up to $1,000).

Some suggested organizations to donate to include, but are not limited to: NAACPBlack Lives Matter, or the Minnesota Freedom Fund. For those who cannot contribute monetarily, Staff Assembly reminds people that there are other ways to participate demonstrate support: listening, speaking up, being present and standing up for what is right.

Proceeds from the Staff Assembly match will benefit the UCLA Black Alumni Association, a group founded to empower UCLA African American alumni, students, faculty and the community at-large to form powerful associations through advocacy and mobilization that will create greater educational opportunities and resources for the African American community.

Every member of Staff Assembly’s current board of directors has committed to also making donations.

To participate in the match, staff members are asked to fill out this form. The matching gift will be made once the match has been met. Staff Assembly will share this commitment on its social media channels when completed.

“UCLA Staff Assembly believes we have a responsibility to ensure that our Black Bruins feel supported and that their voices are lifted up during this very painful and tumultuous time. We believe in equity, equality, diversity and inclusion. We believe in dismantling systems that perpetuate racism and inequities. We believe, unequivocally, that Black Lives Matter.”

Staff Assembly is working on a web page of resources for those who want to learn more. People with ideas for resources to share, should email Staff Assembly or tag Staff Assembly on social media @uclasa.