In just a few minutes, you can make sure your benefits are in order and that you're ready to take advantage of some of the great benefits and tools UC offers. Here's our list of New Year's benefits tasks:

  1. Check your direct deposit statement or paystub to make sure any changes you made during Open Enrollment are reflected correctly. If they aren't, contact your UCLA benefits office immediately.
  2. Review your new medical plan ID card. If there are any errors, call the customer service number on your ID card to make your corrections. Blue Shield Health Savings Plan and Core members received two copies of the card, both with the employee's name on the front and covered family members' names on the back. You can request additional copies of the card, if you need them. Visit the Blue Shield website for more information. Only new members of Kaiser Senior Advantage and Western Health Advantage receive new cards.
  3. Create a CONEXIS FSA account. If you enrolled in the DepCare or Health FSA for the first time, visit the CONEXIS website and create an account so that you can file claims electronically, review your account, and get messages about your claims.
  4. Review your 2014 Flexible Spending Accounts. If you were enrolled in a flexible spending account — DepCare FSA or Health FSA — during 2014, review your account to see whether you have any remaining funds and/or whether you need to submit documentation for any Health FSA spending card transactions. You can check your account by either calling CONEXIS at 1-800-482-4120 or logging into your account online at