Thomas Mason, professor of physical chemistry and physics, has been named a 2021 Society of Rheology fellow.

He was selected for his work in complex fluids, including the creation, demonstration and development of thermal-entropic passive microrheology. The first UCLA faculty member to be named a Society of Rheology fellow, Mason will be honored at the 92nd Society of Rheology annual meeting, held Oct. 10–14 in Bangor, Maine.

Mason leads an interdisciplinary research group in in pre- and self-assembled soft matter, nanoemulsions and microrheology. The group designs and fabricates novel colloidal architectures and studies their physical properties, specializing in making advanced uniform dispersions of solid particulates and liquid droplets. The group has an active research program in microrheology, nanoemulsions, light and neutron scattering, microfluidics and custom-shaped particle dispersions.

As a professor at UCLA, Mason has mentored more than a dozen graduate and postdoctorate students in topics related to rheology. In addition, he has given more than 100 talks worldwide about his work on passive microrheology, emulsion rheology and nanoemulsions. He has previously been honored as a fellow of the American Physical Society and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.