The UCLA Academic Personnel Office recently announced the recipients of the Unit 18 professional development awards for 2018–19. The awards support the professional growth and pedagogical initiatives of lecturers, officially known as Unit 18 non-Senate faculty at UCLA.

The non-senate council on professional development, a committee composed of lecturers drawn from different academic fields, grants funds to proposals that explain the feasibility of teaching projects that improve pedagogy and demonstrate the applicant’s participation in a variety of endeavors and activities that are relevant to the candidate’s discipline and professional development.

The recipients are:

Anthropology: Jan Hauck

Asian American Studies: Kim Tran

Asian Languages and Cultures: Jennifer Jung-Kim, Xiaoxin Sun, Jenjit Gasigitamrong, Asako Takakura, Michelle Smith, Yan Shen and Juliana Wijaya

Chemistry and Biochemistry: Eric Scerri and Laurence Lavelle

Chicana and Chicano Studies: Michaela Mares-Tamayo

Communications: John Kochian

Dentistry: Deborah Termeie

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Leryn Gorlitsky

English: Reed Wilson, Joseph Dimuro, Kimberly Hedlin and Colleen Jaurretche

Ethnomusicology: Andrew Kluth

Film, TV and Digital Media: Jonathan Kuntz and Maria Carreras

French and Francophone Studies: Ariane Helou

Germanic Languages: Miriam Koral

Graduate School of Education and Information Studies: Melissa Arias and Imelda Nava

Information Studies: Julia Gosart

International Institute: Susan Wiksten

Lab School: Antonette Chavez, Joyce Friedman, Shanna Cohen, Cristina Paul, Elena Perez and Lisbeth Woodington

Latin American Studies: Bonnie Taub

Linguistics: Victoria Mateu

Music: Aubrey Foard and Rakefet Hak

Political Science: Shahin Berenji

Psychology: Amber Ankowski

School of Nursing: Stacey Green

Slavic, East European and Eurasian Languages and Cultures: Susan Kresin

Spanish and Portuguese: Mariska Bolyanatz and Carla Suhr

Undergraduate Education Initiatives: Sara Burdorff

Writing Programs: Dominiqua Dickey, Laila Hualpa, Leslie Sherwood, Carleen Velez, Maja Manojlovic, Andrew Martinez, Amber West, Linzi Juliano, Jeremy Kelley, Dana Watson, Esha De, David Kipen and Nedda Mehdizadeh