The UCLA Academic Personnel Office recently announced the recipients of the Unit 18 professional development awards for 2016-17. The awards support the professional growth and pedagogical initiatives of lecturers, officially known as Unit 18 non-Senate faculty at UCLA.

The Non-Senate Council on Professional Development, a committee composed of lecturers drawn from different academic fields, grants funds to proposals that explain the feasibility of teaching projects that improve pedagogy and demonstrate the applicant’s substantive participation in a variety of endeavors and activities that are relevant to the candidate’s discipline and professional development.

The recipients are:

AAP New Student Program: Maya Smukler

African-American Studies: David Stein and Libby Lewis    

Anderson Graduate School of Management: Tamara Berges and Galey Northrop           

Asian-American Studies: Jean-Paul Deguzman and Lily Tamai       

Asian Languages and Cultures: Nenita Domingo, Yan Shen, Jane Choi, Seonkyung Jeon, Jennifer Jung-Kim, Xiaoxin Sun, Lincheng Chief, Jengit Gasigitamrong, Thu Ba Nguyen, Michelle Smith, Asako Takakura, Juliana Wijaya and Yu-Wen Yao  

Chemistry and Biochemistry: Eric Scerri and Laurence Lavelle        

Civil and Environmental Engineering: Sim-Lin Lau

Communication Studies: John Kochian 

Comparative Literature: Susannah Drissi and Simona Livescu

School of Dentistry: Deborah Termeie        

Graduate School of Education and Information Studies: Anna Yeakley, Cindy Mediavilla, Snowden Becker and Julia Gosart

English: Namarta Poddar

Ethnomusicology: Tamir Hendelman and Nolan Warden

Film, TV and Digital Media: Neil Landau, Eric Marin, Alex Franklin and Maria Elena De Las Carreras

Germanic Languages: Magdalena Tarnawska

Getty Conservation Program: Vanessa Muros           

History: Kristina Markman, Cassia Roth, Jared McBribe and Natalie Sherwan          

Italian: Claire Lavagnino

Lab School: Sylvia Gentile, Judith Kantor, Joyce Friedman, Rebecca Heneise, Cristina Paul, Elena Perez, Kelly Serrano and Jennalee Wolter

Latin American Studies: Bonnie Taub

Molecular Cell and Developmental Biology: Peiyun Lee

Music: Aubrey Foard, Douglas Sumi and Claudia Cheng

Musicology: Ryan Koons and Alexandra Grabarchuk

Near Eastern Languages and Cultures: Julia Troche

Political Science: Cynthia Lebow

Psychology: Amber Ankowski

Sociology: Terri Anderson

Spanish and Portuguese: Gemma Repiso, Greg Cohen and Javier Moreno

Statistics: Juana Sanchez

Study of Religion: Donald Westbrook

Theater: Sharna Fabiano and Amy Chaffee

Urban Planning: Brady Collins

Writing Programs: Leslie Sherwood, Reed Wilson, Teddi Chichester, Margaret Davis, Leigh Harris, Nedda Mehdizaeh, Carleen Velez, Amber West, Esha De, Janet Goodwin, Laila Hualpa, Coleen Jaurretche, David Kipen, Maja Manojlovic, Lauri Mattenson and Mia McIver