Evelyn Blumenberg, professor of urban planning and colleagues Martin Wachs, distinguished professor emeritus of urban planning; Andrew Schouten, postdoctoral fellow at the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies; and Miriam Pinski, doctoral student in urban planning, have won the 2019 Pyke Johnson Award from the Transportation Research Board for a recent paper about the mobility needs of aging adults. This marks the third time someone from the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs has won the prize since its inception.

The award-winning paper, “Physical Accessibility and Employment Among Older Adults in California,” explores the relationship between car ownership, transit accessibility and older adults’ employment status. The paper found that adults age 60 and older are able to stay in the workforce longer when they have access to a car or to public transit — if they live in a dense urban area.

Blumenberg is the director of the Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies within the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs. Her research examines the effects of urban structure, including the spatial location of residents, employment and services, on economic outcomes for low-wage workers, and on the role of planning and policy in shaping the spatial structure of cities.

Wachs spent 25 years at UCLA, where he served three terms as chairman of the department of urban planning, prior to his retirement. He is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, two Rockefeller Foundation Humanities Fellowships and a UCLA Alumni Association Distinguished Teaching Award.

Schouten received his doctorate in urban planning from UCLA in 2019. His research interests include travel behavior, and the relationship between residential location, transportation access and economic mobility.

Pinski is an urban planning doctoral student studying transportation and equity issues for vulnerable populations, such as older adults and women.

The Transportation Research Board established the Pyke Johnson Award in 1971 to give annual recognition to an outstanding paper published in the field of transportation systems planning and administration. It honors the 23rd chairman of the Highway Research Board, who was influential in the board from its inception.

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