The UCLA Academic Personnel Office has selected 67 lecturers from departments across campus to receive the Unit 18 Professional Development Award for the 2017–2018 academic year.

The awards support the professional growth and pedagogical initiatives of lecturers, officially known as Unit 18 non-Senate faculty at UCLA. The Non-Senate Council on Professional Development, a committee composed of lecturers drawn from different academic fields, grants funds to proposals that explain the feasibility of teaching projects that improve pedagogy and demonstrate the applicant’s substantive participation in a variety of endeavors and activities that are relevant to the candidate’s discipline and professional development.

The recipients are:

Anderson School of Management: Tamera Berges

Asian American studies: Lily Welty-Tamai

Asian languages and cultures: Hee Ju, Jennifer Jung-Kim, Asako Hayashi, Chuc Bui, Jenjit Gasigitamrong

Biomedical research minor and molecular, cell and developmental biology: Cory Evans

Chicana and Chicano studies: Nicole Strathman, David Gonzales, Lauren Guerra

Civil and environmental engineering: Paolo Zimmaro

Classics: Sarah Beckman

Comparative literature: Simona Livescu

Dentistry: Pilseong Kim

Ecology and evolutionary biology: Tonya  Kane

English: Thomas Winningham, Christine Gottlieb

Film, TV and digital media: Tamera Daugherty-Martin, Neil Landau

French and Francophone: Ariane Helou

Geffen Academy: Maggie Chen

Germanic languages: Miriam Koral

Graduate School of Education and Information Studies: Darlene Lee, Eduardo Lopez, Imelda Nava, Jaime Park, Jeff Share, Jason Dorio, Jarod Kawasaki

History: Kristina Markman, Roanna Cheung, Jason Lustig

Information studies: Juliana Gosart

Lab School: Sylvia Gentile, Julie Kern, Ding Kong, Laurie Nimmo-Ramirez, Carla-Anne Thomas, Lisbeth Woodington, Shanna Cohen, Kimberley Morchower

Latin American studies: Bonnie Taub

Linguistics: Ethan Poole

Molecular cell and developmental biology: Peiyun Lee

Music: Douglas Sumi

Musicology: Ryan Koons

Nursing: Stacey Green, Mary Canobbio

Political science: Steven Bilakovics, Shahin Berenji, Cynthia Lebow

Slavic languages and literatures: Susan Kresin, Victorija Lejko-Lacan

Sociology: Terri Anderson

Spanish and Portuguese: Mariska Bolyanatz, Javier Moreno, Gemma Repiso

Theater: Erin Hill

Writing programs: Carleen Velez, Laurel Westrup, Laila Hualpa, Jeremy Kelley, Esha De, Colleen Jaurretche, Maja Manojlovic, Tara Prescott