Uri McMillan, a UCLA professor of English and African American studies, has received a $50,000 grant from the Andy Warhol Foundation to support work on his forthcoming book.

“The Seventies in Color” will focus on three trendsetting New York City artists of the 1970s — fashion designer Stephen Burrows, musician-actor-model Grace Jones and fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez — to demonstrate the influence of Black and Brown creative labor across multiple fields.

McMillan said the book will advance an alternative view of the culture-defining New York arts scene of that era.

“The standard narrative around New York in the 1970s is that cheap rents encouraged artists to move in and create amidst widespread crime and social unrest,” he said. “However, the stubborn focus on figures like Andy Warhol and Halston, and places like Studio 54, has occluded attention to artists of color who are treated as ancillary figures when they were making impactful contributions to commercial and creative industries, mainly through the apparatus of style.”

“The Seventies in Color” is scheduled to be published by Duke University Press in late 2025.

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