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smog | particulates | ozone | atmospheric chemistry | air pollution

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Suzanne E. Paulson, professor of atmospheric and oceanic sciences, is an expert on smog, ozone and air pollution. Paulson studies the chemical composition and measurement of smog and ozone and the effect of air pollution control measures. An atmospheric chemist, she also researches composition of tiny airborne particles in an effort to understand their effect on human health, measures pollutant exposures in microclimates, investigates the effect of black soot particles on the Earth’s climate and examines the environmental effects of biodiesel fuels. She has served as an adviser to the California Air Resources Board, the World Health Organization and other organizations.

A member of the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, Paulson has monitored data from field stations throughout Southern California and developed models that inform the public policy debate about strategies to control pollution. Among her widely published works are a study released in 2013 showing that a quarter of Angelenos are exposed to noxious freeway pollution every morning and a study released in 2012 showing that Carmageddon improved air quality up to 83 percent.

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