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black holes | Milky Way galaxy | telescopes | star formation | astronomy | astrophysics

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Andrea Ghez is an astronomy professor and a pre-eminent expert on the role of black holes in the evolution of galaxies. Ghez was the first researcher to confirm the existence of a supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. She is also an authority on star formation.

Ghez, the Lauren B. Leichtman and Arthur E. Levine Professor of Astrophysics, has developed groundbreaking telescopic imaging techniques for identifying and photographing distant stars in our solar system and has created complex computer algorithms and software for studying and analyzing astronomical data.

Ghez is a member of the UCLA Galactic Center Group, which has the mission of transforming our understanding of black holes and their role in the universe with high resolution observations of the Milky Way.

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