Areas of Expertise:
education reform | achievement gap | race in education | urban schooling

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Tyrone Howard is a professor of education in the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, and an expert on the influence of racial and cultural differences on teaching and learning, particularly in urban schools, and how these differences affect the way teachers and students interact.

A former elementary school teacher in Compton, Califiornia and Seattle, Howard has written extensively about the importance of providing teachers with skills for effective teaching in multicultural settings; the shortage of qualified teachers, particularly African-Americans, in urban schools; the achievement gap facing African-American students; the experiences and perceptions of African-American students; and multicultural curricula.

Howard is also the founder and director of the Black Male Institute at UCLA, which was founded in 2009 to address concerns around equity and access for black males in education, and he is the faculty director of UCLA’s Center X, which is dedicated to changing schooling for the underserved students of Los Angeles.

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