Areas of Expertise:
urban environments | sustainability | land use | environmental regulation | environmental politics | water | wildfires

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Stephanie Pincetl is a professor in residence at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and director of the institute’s California Center for Sustainable Communities. Pincetl is an expert on the political history of land use in California and related issues, such as environmental politics and regulations, growth management, urban parkland, habitat conservation and the interaction between wildlife and urban areas.

Pincetl developed the first in-depth maps showing how energy and water use in Los Angeles vary by income, building type and other variables.

She also has studied how a variety of factors contribute to wildfires in California, including urban encroachment on undeveloped areas, the state's aging electrical infrastructure, poor forest management and climate change.

See Pincetl’s video interviews on wildfires, for use in news reports and for the general public.

Pincetl has written extensively about environmental policy and governance and has held leadership positions with many nonprofits and environmentally-focused organizations.

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