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urban planning | public transportation | Los Angeles traffic | transportation funding | transportation equity | transportation policy

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Brian Taylor is a professor of urban planning and public policy in the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and the director of the UCLA Institute of Transportation Studies. Taylor is an expert on transportation policy, and transportation planning and finance. Taylor’s work explores how society pays for transportation systems and how transportation systems serve the needs of people in lower-income neighborhoods, people with disabilities and the elderly.

Taylor’s research has examined how travel patterns vary by race/ethnicity, sex, age and income, the emerging travel patterns teens and young adults, the role of walking, waiting, and transferring on travel choices, and ways to cost-effectively increase public transit use, among other transportation-related topics.

Taylor has studied the history of freeway planning and finance, emerging trends in highway finance, the linking of subsidies to public transit performance, and the measuring of equity in public transit finance. He is also an authority on the relationship between transportation systems and urban form, and on travel demographics, including patterns of public transit use by the inner-city poor and working women.

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