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environment | environmental journalism | media | digital humanities | science journalism | urban development

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Jon Christensen is an adjunct assistant professor of environmental humanities with joint appointments at the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and in the UCLA Department of History. His expertise includes environmental history, the history of environmental science, climate change, perceptions of climate change, environmental communications and environmental humanities.

Christensen is currently journalist-in-residence at the Institute of the Environment and Sustainability and a senior researcher in the California Center for Sustainable Communities. His current research focuses on digital, environmental, and urban humanities and sciences, and environmental communications. He is the editor of LENS magazine. LENS stands for the Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies, which is housed at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability; the magazine experiments with innovative strategies for creating new narratives to help build a more sustainable world.

Christensen can be reached on his cell phone, (650) 759-6534.

Twitter: @the_wrangler.

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Alison Hewitt