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birds | phenology | biodiversity | climate change | wildfires | ecology | conservation

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Morgan Tingley, an associate professor of ecology and evolutionary biology and a member of the UCLA Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, is an expert on how climate change and other environmental changes impact biodiversity, primarily birds.

His reseach, which largely focuses on birds in temperate mountain environments, including California’s Sierra Nevada, examines how species shift their ranges and the timing of their activities in response to rising temperatures and other effects of climate change.

He is currently studying how birds, butterflies and plants are adjusting their cyclic and seasonal patterns due to climate change, a research project fueled by data collected by amateur citizen-scientists across the country.

Tingley is also a leading authority on the effects of forest fires on birds, specifically in the western United States. For nearly a decade, he has studied how birds respond after fires and, in particular, how the increase in massive forest fires is negatively affecting birds.

Twitter: @mwtingley 

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