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California coping with delta better than other states | Los Angeles Times

“I am hopeful for California and Los Angeles, because of the fact that we have higher levels of vaccination, and we have increased numbers of people stepping up to the plate and getting vaccinated,” said Dr. Robert Kim-Farley, medical epidemiologist and infectious diseases expert at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. “However, we still have a ways to go to achieve a higher level of community immunity, or herd immunity, because of the increased transmissibility of the delta variant.” (Kim-Farley was also quoted by Bloomberg Quint.)

New moms’ sleep loss tied to accelerated aging | KNBC-TV

In a recent study of 33 new moms in the Los Angeles area, UCLA researchers found the biological age of women losing sleep in the first year after giving birth increased more than that of women who slept enough. It’s the first study to show biological aging in new moms, according to first author Judith Carroll, UCLA’s George F. Solomon professor of psychobiology. (UCLA’s Christine Dunkel Schetter is quoted; UCLA’s Steve Horvath is cited. Also: Newsweek.)

UN climate report: ‘Code red for humanity’ | USA Today

“The most powerful thing that individuals can do is understand the scale of the problem. Don’t buy into easy, comforting solutions,” Edward Parson, faculty co-director of the Emmett Institute on Climate Change and the Environment at UCLA, told USA TODAY. Parson said that while climate change is a result of human actions, steps like turning down thermostats would need the collective effort of the more than 7 billion people on Earth.

How Amazon surveils the public | WBUR’s “On Point”

If you’ve got Alexa, Amazon knows when you wake up, what groceries you order and what books you’ve read. Amazon also may have cameras on your front door. “They have such a sophisticated system of both … video cameras that are combing neighborhoods, and they have data that is being gathered through all our commerce activity,” Ramesh Srinivasan, professor in UCLA’s Department of Information Studies, says.

L.A.’s sidewalk vendors hit legal obstacle | Los Angeles Times

Some of the California rules are stiffer than those in other vending hubs such as New York City, which does not require a sink with three compartments, according to the report from the UCLA School of Law Community Economic Development Clinic and Public Counsel, produced in partnership with the L.A. Street Vendor Campaign and other advocates.

Marital troubles and trading performance | Wall Street Journal

Actively trading securities in the run-up to a divorce can be detrimental to an individual investor’s wealth, a draft research report finds … In the years before a divorce, individual investors who trade actively saw their investment performance drop sharply, says Avanidhar Subrahmanyam, professor of finance at UCLA Anderson School of Management and one of the report’s authors.

Sewage spill stymies L.A.’s water recycling efforts | Los Angeles Times

“The chain reaction that occurred that day and the longevity of the impacts have been stunning,” said Mark Gold, an adjunct professor with UCLA’s Institute of the Environment & Sustainability.

America’s housing crisis is a choice | New York Times

As popular as the goal of reining in housing costs may be, Yimbys have made unlikely enemies of some progressives who share it. Ananya Roy, for example, a professor of urban planning at the University of California, Los Angeles, has criticized Yimbyism as a movement that centers the concerns of upper-middle-class, white professionals while ignoring the concerns of those who are truly on the front lines of the housing crisis.

COVID safety adherence dipped before delta rise | City News Service

Californians reported slightly lower rates for always wearing a face mask when leaving their homes during the month of May, before the Delta variant caused a sharp rise in coronavirus infections, according to data released on Tuesday, Aug, 10 from UCLA’s 2021 California Health Interview Survey. (UCLA’s Ninez Ponce and Todd Hughes are quoted.)

Apple’s push into health care: Will it help? | California Healthline

“This is exciting for the future of chronic care management,” Dr. David Cho, a UCLA Health cardiologist, said of the new feature. With data at his fingertips on risk factors like exercise, diet and blood pressure, he believes he could help his patients manage chronic conditions more easily. That data, combined with virtual visits, could mean fewer office visits.

Natural ways to lower cholesterol | The Healthy

“There is a plethora of literature supporting the use of a plant-based diet to treat and reverse multiple chronic diseases, especially heart disease and high cholesterol levels,” says Dana Hunnes, senior dietitian at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center.