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Educators offer advice after ruling on affirmative action | KABC-TV

“Parents are going to have to really highlight the coursework that students have taken, extracurricular activities they’ve been involved in, leadership types of opportunities they pursued, but even issues around race should not be completely avoided,” said Tyrone Howard, a professor of education at UCLA. (Howard was also quoted by Spectrum News 1 about homeless students – approx. 3:10 mark).

With students back in classrooms, schools address heat | NBC News

Under certain heat index conditions, students are restricted from outdoor activity and teachers stay on high alert for signs of heat stress in students. Kelly Turner, an associate professor of urban planning and geography at the University of California Los Angeles said physical movement and unstructured free time are necessary components of learning.  

What Hawaii’s wildfire teaches towns about climate risks | MarketWatch

“This is a repeating pattern we’ve seen over, and over, (and over) again in wildland-urban interface fire catastrophes around the world in recent years. It has become painfully familiar to those who study wildfire disasters from a weather, climate and fire behavior perspective,” said Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability, writing in a tweet.

Antarctic sea ice at record lows as global temperatures rise | PBS NewsHour

“There is a part of me that’s scientifically interested in what’s happening. Like, what is at work here? That is completely separate from the other part. That’s the citizen of the world apart that says, this is really shocking, and this — it’s not good. It’s not good news for our system, and not just the Antarctic system, but from a global climate system,” said UCLA’s Marilyn Raphael.

What strikers have in common — and what they don’t | MarketWatch

Kent Wong, the director of the UCLA Labor Center and vice president of the California Federation of Teachers, said in an interview that public-sector workers in a labor-friendly state have some political advantages. He pointed out that Bass, the first Black mayor of Los Angeles, “is a former community organizer who understands the challenges of working people.”

GPT-3 can reason about as well as a college student | LAist 89.3-FM

Researchers at UCLA recently pitted ChatGPT against college undergrads to compare their performance on reasoning problems the kind you’d see on the SAT and they found that the AI system overall did better than an undergrad, solving 80% of the problems compared to under 60% for the humans … “For me, the potential here is we can sort of use these systems as kind of models where we can experiment, much more extensively than we can do with human participants,” said UCLA’s Taylor Webb.

Experts weigh in on the risks, supposed benefits of alcohol | NBC News

When it comes to the red wine myth, Dr. Zhaoping Li, division chief of clinical nutrition at UCLA Health, pointed out that the antioxidant thought to benefit the heart is also found in the skins of red grapes. “I never would recommend to someone, ‘Go ahead and drink wine, even if you don’t like it, because you’re going to be less likely to have a heart attack,’” Li said.

Fentanyl-tainted prescription drugs found in Mexico | NBC Nightly News

Those dangerous ingredients are exactly what researchers at UCLA found when they tried to buy prescription drugs in northern Mexico. “They look like oxycodone, but they contain fentanyl or heroin. Or they look like an Adderall, but they contain methamphetamine,” said UCLA’s Chelsea Shover (approx. 1:25 mark).

Pharma’s challenge to drug price excise tax | Bloomberg Tax

“There are so few corporate excessive fines cases that have ever been litigated,” said Beth Colgan, a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles School of Law, and an expert on the excessive fines clause. “That would be an open question as to whether or not they simply brought the case too early.”

L.A. City Council could double its current size | LAist

A group of researchers also addressed the council committee and suggested the council increase in size to 25. But four of the new seats would be “at-large” — meaning candidates would run citywide instead of in an individual district. “The purpose of that was to have an additional cohort of members of the council who had a citywide constituency and therefore were interested in advancing the interests of everyone in the city,” said Gary Segura, a professor of public policy at UCLA.

Cities enact rent control to keep residents housed | Los Angeles Times

“Landlords are all doing very different things,” said Alexander Ferrer, a UCLA graduate student who wrote a report about the corporatization of housing for the nonprofit Strategic Actions for a Just Economy. “One thing that rent stabilization does, which is super beneficial to tenants, is it helps you know what you can expect.”

The 30-year clock is running out on affordable housing | The Hill

Fortunately, longer periods do not seem to dampen the interest of developers in participating in the LIHTC program. In Los Angeles, “longer covenant terms don’t appear to have hampered affordable housing production,” according to a 2020 report by UCLA’s Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies. 

Why Disney can’t make hits like it used to | Newsweek

For UCLA lecturer and film producer Tom Nunan, Disney has mistakenly lent into “an over-reliance on the familiar.” “When we see Barbie from Warner Bros Studio and Oppenheimer from Universal performing so well, the message seems clear: ‘make original, bracingly fresh films and the audience will show up,’” he told Newsweek.

Should Warner Bros. delay ‘Blue Beetle?’ | TheWrap

As TheWrap previously reported on Thursday, Latinos make up 2.3% of the leads in theatrically released movies in 2022, according to UCLA’s 2023 Hollywood Diversity Report, and 6.1% of the leads in streaming movies.