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‘Pandemic of the unvaccinated’ includes many who are pregnant | Los Angeles Times

“Pregnancy makes people sicker when they get COVID,” said Dr. Christina Han, a maternal fetal medicine specialist at UCLA, who has spent much of this summer treating pregnant COVID-19 patients. “Unfortunately, ICUs are becoming very comfortable with pregnant women in their units.”

California faces flood risk due to climate change | KCRW-FM

New research out of UCLA suggests catastrophic floods are likely to increase because of climate change … Researchers at UCLA worked with scholars in Germany and used computer models to come up with a range of climate variations and outcomes. They used the models not only to look into the future, but they also used the computer to recreate assumptions about climate data from the 1960s to 2000. (UCLA’s Daniel Swain is quoted.)

Less toilet flushing can help conserve amid drought | Nexstar Media Wire

People are being asked to do their part to conserve water … Is it time to stop flushing the toilet all the time? “Oh yeah, absolutely,” answers Stephanie Pincetl, professor at UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability … Alex Hall of UCLA’s Center for Climate Science agrees less flushing is one place to make a difference.

Daily coffee may protect the heart | HealthDay News

“A significant number of observational studies have suggested that regular consumption of coffee is associated with lower risk of cardiovascular events, cardiovascular death and all-cause mortality,” said Dr. Gregg Fonarow, director of the Ahmanson-UCLA Cardiomyopathy Center in Los Angeles. These findings add to the body of evidence that coffee consumption, even three to five cups a day, appears to be safe and associated with cardiovascular benefits, he said.

Firefighters blame climate change for blaze threatening Tahoe | BuzzFeed News

“What seemed exceedingly unlikely a few weeks ago is happening,” Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA and the Nature Conservancy, told BuzzFeed News … Swain said that shifts in climate have allowed fires to “elude control” even in more moderate weather conditions and spread faster “by virtue of how dry the underlying vegetation is.”

Millions of Americans to lose unemployment benefits | CNBC

“We’re cutting benefits off when many, many individuals are still relying on them,” according to Till von Wachter, an economics professor at the University of California Los Angeles and director of the California Policy Lab. “This is sort of a recurring problem in American recessions. We ask politicians to come up with benefit programs, and they set end and start dates,” he added. “They’re set in advance and have nothing to do with how the economy is.”