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UFO sighting at California launch site | Los Angeles Times

Jean-Luc Margot, a planetary astronomer and UCLA professor who is also part of the SETI group, likened it to a car getting totaled if a bug hit its windshield at relativistic speeds. Even when traveling at 10% the speed of light, it would still take a million years to cross the galaxy, Margot said. “Who has that kind of patience?” Margot asked. “Imagine the wear and tear on that spacecraft.”

Chancellor Gene Block to step down next summer | City News Service

In a statement announcing his departure, UCLA highlighted Block’s key achievements during his tenure, including UCLA ranking as the No. 1 public university for six years running — up from No. 4 when he joined the university. Block increased student enrollment by 24%, while the university became the first and only UC school to guarantee housing for undergrad students and built 15 residential buildings … Block also successfully steered the university through the pandemic. (Also: Bloomberg News, Times Higher Education, CBS News–Los Angeles, KCBS-TV, EdSource, KFI 640-AM, LAist, and Inside Higher Ed.)   

Partisan divide over striking writers, actors | Los Angeles Times

“All else being equal, the fact that actors and writers are artists would make them especially unpopular with the political right,” said Gabriel Rossman, a UCLA professor of sociology. The right tends to identify the elite “as a cultural elite rather than a financial elite,” Rossman said.

Colorado River Basin’s massive water loss | NBC’s ‘Nightly News’

Over a period of 21 years, the vital Colorado River Basin has lost 10 trillion gallons of water due to warming temperatures … “I would say that this is a wakeup call in terms of climate change’s impacts on water availability from the Colorado Basin,” said UCLA’s Benjamin Bass.

Antarctica’s sea ice levels plummet | NPR’s ‘Morning Edition’

The sea ice shields Antarctica's glaciers and massive ice shelves from ocean waves and above-freezing ocean water that hasten melting. “Those ice shelves contain a lot of frozen water, and if they break and become a part of the ocean, that’s going to raise global sea levels,” says Marilyn Raphael, who studies Antarctic sea ice at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Did Biden indict Trump over Jan. 6? | Newsweek

Professor Blake Emerson of the UCLA School of Law told Newsweek [Special Counsel] Smith is “protected by regulation from daily supervision by the attorney general, and thus by the White House … The president has no legal authority to direct his activities and there is no evidence he has attempted to do so.” Professor Jon D. Michaels, also a professor of law at UCLA, told Newsweek that the DOJ specifically appointed a Special Counsel “to ensure there’d be no appearances of political interference; absent any evidence to the contrary.”

Trump’s latest indictment | ABC News (Australia)

As University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) law professor Richard Hasen put it, this case “directly implicates American democracy.” “What it sets forth is a story of how Trump tried to steal the election in 2020, and turn himself from an election loser into an election winner,” he said. “If people can get away with that, then our democracy is really at risk.”

Big lawyers’ fees in Delaware’s Chancery Court | Bloomberg Law

The Chancery Court’s approach incentivizes attorneys to shun cookie-cutter, low-cost work in favor of far-reaching cases that deter corporate wrongdoing. “To some extent, they have a bit of pressure to make sure plaintiffs’ attorneys have incentives to bring cases in Delaware,” said James Park, a UCLA School of Law professor. “In the cases that do have substantial merit, they are willing to give out very substantial fees.”

Tiktok ‘aging’ filter spurs thoughts of retirement planning | CNBC

The TikTok filter may nudge individuals towards that long-term thinking, experts say. But the question is how long those effects may last … “Whether this will have an impact on retirement savings, though, I would be really surprised if it did,” said [Hal] Hershfield, who is a professor of marketing and behavioral decision making at UCLA.

Yoga for women’s aging brains | HealthDay News

Yoga is known for its benefits to both the mind and body. And a gentle form of yoga may be an ideal early intervention technique for older women at risk of Alzheimer’s disease, new research suggests … “Women tend to practice yoga more readily than men. And I've done other studies previously in people, older adults with mild cognitive [mental] impairment and in caregivers with similar interventions,” said [UCLA’s] Dr. Helen Lavretsky, the lead psychiatrist on the study.

Reviewing guidelines for treatment of trans youth | Wall Street Journal

In the U.S., about 1.6 million people ages 13 and above identify as transgender, according to the Williams Institute at University of California, Los Angeles. But in recent months, the treatment of this community has become a focal point for the nation’s politics.