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9th Circuit overturns butterfly knife ban | Los Angeles Times

Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor who focuses on 2nd Amendment law, said the 9th Circuit’s decision “is emblematic of what’s happening across the nation right now. “Courts are striking down regulation of arms left and right.” Winkler said the Supreme Court “has put states in the impossible position of showing that any law that regulates weapons for public safety [has] clear analogues in the 1700s and 1800s,” which he added “just leaves courts to draw analogies to laws that were designed for a different society.”

Fight over Trump Jan. 6 secrecy order marks race to trial | Washington Post

“The case is built for speed. It should in fact go to verdict well before Nov 2024,” Harry Litman, a former federal prosecutor and Justice Department official who teaches law and political science at UCLA and UC San-Diego, added on the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

How summer strikes broke down wealth, class barriers | CalMatters

“There is no illusion among workers today that corporate America cares about them or is going to provide for them.” [said] Kent Wong, director of the UCLA Labor Center.

California prisons have a drug problem | CalMatters

An updated strip-search policy has some worried that families will face intrusive encounters during their visits … “People who run the visits already have a lot of discretion,” said Sharon Dolovich, a law professor who directs the UCLA Prison Law and Policy Program. “All this does is expand the scope of discretion to make it easier to justify … I suspect they are already strip searching anyone they want.”

Are vitamin D supplements a scam? | Inverse

Robert Ashley, an internal medicine doctor at the University of California, Los Angeles Health, estimates it takes about eight to 10 minutes outside at noon in a t-shirt and shorts to hit the vitamin D daily quota. But on a cold winter day when you are bundled up, it could take hours, even at the same time of day.

Self-supervised AI reconstructs images from holograms | Science Daily

Researchers from the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering have unveiled an artificial intelligence-based model for computational imaging and microscopy without training with experimental objects or real data. In a recent paper published in Nature Machine Intelligence, UCLA’s Volgenau Professor for Engineering Innovation Aydogan Ozcan and his research team introduced a self-supervised AI model nicknamed GedankenNet that learns from physics laws and thought experiments … “These findings illustrate the potential of self-supervised AI to learn from thought experiments, just like scientists do,” [Ozcan] said.