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Korean entertainment goes global | Variety

“[K-pop] has just the right balance of local elements and global elements, something familiar and something strange. The mix of that is very attractive,” says Kim Suk-Young, professor at the School of Theater, Film & Television at UCLA.

The future of work is a 60-year career | The Atlantic

Until the late 19th century, people typically worked until they were no longer physically able to, and then hoped that their family could take care of them. Dora Costa, an economist at UCLA, told me that a 20-year-old worker in 1880 was likely to work, on average, up until fewer than two years before they died.

Did climate change make freak weather even worse? | Wired

According to Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA, there were some good reasons for this reticence. Unseasonable weather sometimes happens by chance, and scientists worried that tying weather too closely to climate would allow climate deniers to use cold weather as ammunition.

Rising sea levels may flood California’s toxic sites | KCRW-FM’s “Greater LA”

More than 400 sites along California’s coastline are in danger of flooding this century — as identified on a map called “Toxic Tides” by UCLA and UC Berkeley researchers. “We found that statewide, disadvantaged communities were over six times more likely to live within a kilometer of one of these at-risk facilities by the end of the century. So the risks here are not equally distributed across the population,” says Lara Cushing, who teaches environmental health sciences at UCLA and helped research the “Toxic Tides” project.

Web show unpacks anti-LGBTQ beliefs | NBC News

Due to anti-LGBTQ sentiment, only 3 percent of Black queer youth report that they are out to all members of their religious community … A report released last year by UCLA School of Law’s Williams Institute revealed that most LGBTQ adults who are religious are older, Black or live in the South. 

UCLA ranked top public college in the West | Wall Street Journal

The top public school in the West is the University of California, Los Angeles, ranked No. 27 among all schools in the country and second nationwide among public schools.

U.S. LGBTQ population hits 20 million | The Hill

Census data suggests that more than 2 million adults in America may identify as transgender, up from an estimated 1.4 million in 2016, according to the Williams Institute, a UCLA think tank focused on sexual orientation and gender identity issues.

Can tennis balls protect buildings from earthquakes?  | Scientific American

Engineer Jian Zhang of the University of California, Los Angeles, says incorporating seismic isolation can increase construction costs by up to 20 percent. Although these systems might save more than they cost over time, builders in some earthquake-prone regions may not have the budget for them up-front.

Artificial light is too much for two coastal species | Phys.org

There’s less light pollution along Southern California beaches than in densely populated inland areas. But even lower levels of artificial light along the coast disrupt the normal biological behaviors of fish and birds native to the region. A UCLA-led study has quantified, for the first time, how much of that light is too much for the Western snowy plover, a small shorebird, and the California grunion, a fish. (UCLA’s Travis Longcore and Ariel Levi Simons are quoted.)

The latest on Pfizer’s COVID pill | CNN

Could this pill turn the tide of the pandemic? “I think that it’s really fantastic news. This particular kind of treatment could be a game-changer. It could save a lot of lives. But I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say this again: There is no single magic bullet that is going to turn the tide of this pandemic. We’re going to have to use a layered approach,” said UCLA’s Anne Rimoin.