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How wealthy may avoid L.A.’s ‘mansion tax’ | Los Angeles Times

Housing analysts say the measure’s success at the polls was partly due to its branding as a “mansion tax,” since the majority of voters don’t own mansions and wouldn’t be directly affected by it. An analysis published by UCLA’s Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies supports that notion, claiming that the tax will affect only about 4% of overall real estate transactions in a given year … Shane Phillips, the Housing Initiative Project Manager for UCLA’s Lewis Center, wrote a report that helped inspire Culver City’s transfer tax. He also co-authored two reports studying the potential impact of Measure ULA. (Phillips was quoted.)

Could Santa be facing a space hurricane? | Washington Post

Last year, scientists announced they had discovered cyclone-like auroras near the North Pole … “[They’re] occurring where nobody looked and occurring under conditions where nobody thought anything was happening,” said Larry Lyons, who is co-author of a study on the space hurricanes as well as a space physicist at UCLA. “It’s just a matter of opening your eyes.”

Bill would protect privacy of federal judges | CNN

“If the [exemption] language is read broadly, then it would protect all the speech that needs protection,” said Eugene Volokh, a constitutional law professor at the UCLA School of Law. “If the language is read narrowly, then it could end up suppressing a good deal of constitutionally-protected speech.”

Survivors of LGBT club massacre address Congress | Reuters

There have been 628 mass shootings across the United States so far this year, according to the Gun Violence Archive. LGBT people are nearly four times as likely than non-LGBT people to be the victims of violent crime, according to the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law.

Huntington Library acquires Thomas Pynchon papers | Los Angeles Times

Thomas Pynchon, the famously reclusive postmodern novelist … has decided on the institution that will house his papers and make his life known to the world — and it’s in Southern California … The Huntington is also home to the papers of Stephen M. Tomaske, a UCLA librarian whose side gig was collecting as much work by and about Pynchon as possible, from yearbook clippings to recorded interviews with Pynchon’s Navy shipmates.

Abortion bans have outsized impact on Latinas | Medical Xpress

Nearly half of childbearing-age Latinas in the U.S. currently live in states that ban or restrict abortions, UCLA researchers report, and the percentage of Latinas of childbearing age in each of those states is significantly higher than among their white counterparts. The findings, from a study released today by the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Institute, highlight the challenging post–Dobbs v. Jackson reality for Latinas, who as a group already face heightened barriers in accessing health care and now face an increased risk of unwanted pregnancies and maternal mortality. (UCLA’s Sonja Diaz and Josefina Flores Morales were quoted.)

10 people who helped shape science in 2022 | Nature

[Dimie] Ogoina’s mpox research has been cited hundreds of times since the beginning of the global outbreak. It tipped off health officials about the role of sexual contact and helped to accelerate the development of education and vaccination campaigns in high-income countries, according to Anne Rimoin, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, who has been involved in efforts to track and contain mpox in the Democratic Republic of the Congo for more than 20 years. “Dimie has been a leader in the field,” she says, adding that his “discovery was very important and should have been a red flag to the world.”