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Police want robots for dangerous situations | Los Angeles Times

Joanna Schwartz, a UCLA law professor and expert on police misconduct litigation, said increases in law enforcement power are often justified at first by extreme circumstances, such as the 2016 rampage in Dallas, but can become a slippery slope toward more common use. “Those sort of horror stories, or worst examples, can and have opened the door for much more use of that power beyond the most horrific situation,” Schwartz said. “Historically, when we grant police power or discretion or advanced technologies, they tend to be used in many more situations.”

Where gun and abortion laws dovetail | San Francisco Chronicle

But Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor, said California’s gun restrictions face problems that are potentially much more serious than a ruling chipping off a small provision of a statute that was passed largely to send a message … It was the first such statement he’s ever seen by a government leader, said another UCLA law professor, Eugene Volokh, a self-described skeptic of gun control. As for Newsom’s attitude, he said, “I suppose that, when life gives you lemons…”

Latino Hollywood execs discuss challenges | Hollywood Reporter

Such stereotypical content can stem from there still not being enough Latin writers in entertainment who can accurately portray the culture, says Dr. Ana-Christina Ramón, co-author of UCLA’s Hollywood Diversity Report, which examines the relationship between racial, ethnic and gender diversity in TV and film. “When there aren’t enough people who are writing from their perspective, you get a lot of racelessness. Or you get a lot of people who are just playing deep, default whiteness, even though you can see that they’re not white,” says Ramón, who also serves as the director of the university’s entertainment and media research initiative. 

Nonprofit helps college students facing homelessness | Insider

Homeless students reported lower GPAs and higher dropout rates, according to a report by the UCLA Center for the Transformation of Schools. But the pull to stay in college for these students is still strong. College graduates still earn more than workers with no university degree, research shows.

Abortion bans have outsized impact on Latinas | KCRW-FM

The researchers found that over 5 million U.S. Latinas are at risk of losing access to abortion services due to the Dobbs decision. The study, conducted by the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Institute, finds that nearly half of Latinas who are of childbearing age living in abortion restrictive states such as California, Texas and Florida are by far the states with the highest numbers of young Latinas; and while abortion is easily accessible here, both Texas and Florida have enacted strict limitations on the procedure in general.