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Manipulating social media’s abuse-reporting systems | Los Angeles Times

“Although users have things like Terms of Service and Community Guidelines, how those actually are implemented in their granularity — in an operational setting by content moderators — is often considered proprietary information,” [UCLA’s Sarah] Roberts said. “So when [content moderation] happens, in the absence of a clear explanation, a user might feel that there are circumstances conspiring against them.”

Biden’s OSHA chief faces flack over worker protection | KPBS-FM

[Cal/OSHA] agreed to increase its scrutiny of workplaces during high-heat months, and also waged a massive education campaign about the protections, which require employers to provide basics like access to fresh water and shade, said Kevin Riley, who directs UCLA’s Labor Occupational Safety and Health Program.

NBA’s Kevin Love honored for mental health advocacy | Washington Post

He has also established the Kevin Love Fund, with an ambitious goal of helping more than 1 billion people over a five-year period. Last year, his fund teamed up with the University of California, Los Angeles, and established the Kevin Love Fund Chair in UCLA’s psychology department to diagnose, prevent, treat and destigmatize anxiety and depression.

2021 was the year of nostalgia for heartbreak | NBCLX

For the past several decades, pop music has been “supposed to emphasize fun things over dark things,” unlike country music, for example, where breakup ballads are the bread and butter, Gabriel Rossman, a sociology professor at University of California, Los Angeles, told NBCLX. But because this year’s heartbreak albums still fall within pop-genre conventions, they’re getting plenty of airtime on radio stations and elsewhere, he added.

Omicron variant cases spread in U.S.  | Daily Beast

But Dr. Timothy Brewer, a professor of epidemiology at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, who has served on advisory boards and review panels for the WHO and CDC, said the travel bans “make absolutely no sense at all … There’s no point in doing partial travel bans, because these viruses are so transmissible they’re just going to pop up in all kinds of different places,” he told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. (Also: UCLA’s Dr. Anne Rimoin was interviewed by KTTV-TV.)

The latest on the pandemic | KPCC-FM’s “AirTalk”

“I think we need to exercise caution. We still don’t know enough about it clinically, in terms of who is going to be at risk, if it at all affects people who are vaccinated, and any number of things,” said UCLA’s Dr. Tara Vijayan (approx. 1:55 mark).

1,500 L.A. homeless deaths during pandemic — many preventable | LAist

At least 1,500 unhoused Angelenos have died over the course of the pandemic, according to a new report — and many of those deaths were preventable, it says. A team of researchers at UCLA and homeless advocates looked at L.A. County coroner records from March 2020–July 2021… “Even though the number 1,493 is a huge number, we also argue that number is most likely an undercount,” UCLA Professor Ananya Roy said. Roy led the study. (Also: KPCC-FM.)

Climate change and deaths from extreme heat | KPCC-FM

“Extreme heat events are the leading weather-related killer in the United States and many countries. And that’s annually more than the estimated number of deaths from hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, all of which make the news. You can see destroyed real estate. You don’t see that with heat waves,” said UCLA’s Dr. David Eisenman.

College degree ‘an insurance policy’ against COVID death | Voice of San Diego

“Those who don’t have a bachelor’s degree or a high school degree are more likely to work in manual activities, customer service, agriculture, manufacturing and other economic activities that don’t allow them to stay safely at home,” said Arturo Bustamante, a UCLA public health associate professor.