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Genetics can play key role in saving trees | BBC News

Co-author Prof Victoria Sork, from the department of ecology and evolutionary biology at the University of California, Los Angeles, explained why the team of researchers felt there was a need to carry out the study. “Trees, which are long lived, and climate change — which is happening quickly — could be out of sync with each other,” she explained. “The question is that if they are out of sync with each other, how can we manage tree populations so that they can better cope with increased temperatures?”

Catherine Lord: lessons from a storied career in autism research | Spectrum Opinion

(Commentary written by UCLA’s Catherine Lord) The most important factor in my success has probably been the long-term clinical relationships I have had with families and children, many of whom are now adults. This, more than anything else, afforded me opportunities to think creatively and try innovative approaches. I have worked on a range of behavioral therapies for autism, from applied behavior analysis to psychodynamics to the TEACCH approach to structured learning. I worked with families using a variety of low-intensity treatments as a preschool special-education teacher, and then with consultations and long-term follow-ups as a clinician — over decades in some cases.

What is voters’ highest priority? There’s a way to find out | New York Times Opinion

(Commentary co-written by UCLA’s Lynn Vavreck and Chris Tausanovitch) Starting in July 2019, UCLA partnered with the Democracy Fund on a large-scale project called Nationscape that involves surveying more than 6,000 people every week…. The data from the project — on over 110,000 people nationwide to date — suggest that the thing voters most want to focus on right now is whether to impeach the president.

We’ve discovered a planet orbiting an exploded star for the first time | New Scientist

Alternatively, another planet may have been absorbed by the exploding star, causing the orbit of the newly discovered planet to be pulled inwards, says Ben Zuckerman at the University of California, Los Angeles, who wasn’t involved with the work.

Rapper Rich Brian gets vulnerable about his Asian identity, immigration story | NBC News

Ana-Christina Ramón, director of research and civic engagement for the Division of Social Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles, previously explained to HuffPost that when members of an underrepresented community see themselves on screen in restrictive, narrow ways, they “may wonder if that is all that is expected of you in society.” “Visual media teaches us how the world works and our place in it,” she said.

Particle physics gives mathematics potentially powerful new tool | Irish Times

The background mathematics has been studied for centuries, and the physicists felt sure that the result must already be known. But they could not find it anywhere in the literature so they contacted a world-leading mathematician, Terence Tao at the University of California, Los Angeles. Tao responded within hours that he had never seen the result, and included in his email three independent proofs of the formula. The result has already benefited the study of neutrinos. Tao is confident that it will be important elsewhere too. He is quoted in the online magazine Quanta as saying: “It’s so pretty that I’m sure it will have some use in the near future.”

UCLA Health survey finds parents may be making children’s concussions worse | Fox11-TV

“Getting proper advice about how to manage your activity early on reduces the likelihood by 15-20 percent of whether or not you develop post-concussion syndrome,” said Dr. Christopher Giza, a pediatric neurologist at UCLA Health…. If a child shows symptoms of a concussion after one week, more than three in four parents say they’re likely to wake their child up throughout the night. Something Giza says can make matters worse.  

‘Grey’s Anatomy’ episode on sexual assault led to increase in hotline calls | NBC News

The episode, “Silent All These Years,” was also informed by writer Elisabeth Finch’s visit to UCLA’s Rape Treatment Center, where she observed how rape kits are administered, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Markets are putting a price on climate risks | Bloomberg Opinion

One of the new studies, by Christina Atanasova of Simon Fraser University and Eduardo Schwartz of the University of California, Los Angeles, examines North American oil producers. In a sample of almost 700 oil companies, they find that, after controlling for multiple other factors, stock market values are higher for producers with larger reserves. This would be consistent with the carbon bubble perspective.

Teaching: what’s love got to do with it? | Inside Higher Ed

By way of example, the University of Michigan’s Program on Intergroup Relations (IGR) “blends theory and experiential learning to facilitate students' learning about social group identity, social inequality, and intergroup relations.” Students attend small group sessions where a facilitator guides conversations that deal with race and ethnicity, ableism, gender, etc. The discussions veer away from a debate model of discussion, and participants rather practice expressing themselves and listening to others on issues at the intersection of the personal and the political. Other universities such as Cornell, UCLA and Syracuse offer similar programs.

Ten things porn gets wrong about queer people | Business Insider

Non-binary porn stars are few and far between in the mainstream, with a great deal of porn only featuring cisgender people. But the population of out non-binary people is growing in the US. A 2016 UCLA study estimated that only 0.7% of teens identified as transgender (combining those identifying with a non-conforming gender and those identifying with a binary gender).

Practice makes perfect | Santa Monica Daily Press

The main focus of the scenario was the community mass casualty incident, but the exercise was also designed to test the communication between the hospital’s command center and impacted departments during prospective hazards, according to Kurt Kainsinger, UCLA Health’s Director of the Office of Emergency Preparedness. Kainsinger oversaw Tuesday’s drill — along with the many others that have occurred in recent years — and said, “A disaster can change day to day or even hour to hour so we have to be on our toes and ensure we can keep up with the changing needs of both the patients and hospital staff should a situation arise like the one we’re acting out today.”

Transition to exhaustion: Clues for cancer immunotherapy | Medical Xpress

Scientists at Emory Vaccine Center, led by Rafi Ahmed, Ph.D., have learned about exhausted CD8 T cells, based on studying mice with chronic viral infections…. “It is extremely exciting to have contributed to this project and know that our findings have the potential to inform cancer immunotherapy,” says co-author Julia Gensheimer, an Emory graduate, now a MD/Ph.D. student at UCLA.