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Inside UCLA museum’s decision to return historical artifacts | LAist

The process of repatriating the artifacts started in 2019, while museum staff researching its African collection learned the full story of how they came into the museum’s possession, according to the Fowler Museum’s senior curator of African art Erica Jones. They were originally a gift from the trust of Sir Henry Wellcome, who had purchased the items at auction. 

UCLA student runs for Compton City Council seat | KTTV-TV

“I’ve lived in Compton my whole life, born and raised. I’ve been in the same home since I was six months. At twelve years old, I joined Compton Kids Club, which kind of just taught me all the inner workings of what was going on behind the scenes,” said UCLA’s Ariana Garcia.

Great apes tease each other in ways similar to humans | USA Today

Great apes aren’t so different from humans when it comes to certain social interactions, they too enjoy making funny faces, poking one another, randomly pulling hair and other forms of teasing, according to a recently published study… Erica Cartmill, a professor at the University of California Los Angeles, told USA TODAY that she and her three colleagues started the study in 2020. It involved observing videos of great apes interacting with each other at the San Diego Zoo and the Leipzig Zoo in Germany. (Also: Smithsonian Magazine, The Atlantic, Phys.org, CBC Radio and NPR’s ‘Morning Edition.’)

The best tribute we can pay to Navalny | CNN

(Commentary by UCLA’s Daniel Treisman) In his courageous and too short life, Navalny became a symbol of hope for the younger generations of his compatriots. Understated, witty, often self-mocking, he had the style and presence to inspire a broad cross-section of followers. 

Fani Willis case may reverberate long after judge decision | ABC News

“I don’t think there is any scenario where this [isn’t] a bad situation for the prosecutor. At the minimum, it will distract from the core information of the case and delay the trial,” Scott Cummings, the Robert Henigson Professor of Legal Ethics at the UCLA School of Law, told ABC News. 

Large field of candidates for L.A. DA helps George Gascón | KABC-TV

“The large field is the best thing that’s ever happened to [Gascón] for sure,” said Jim Newton, a UCLA lecturer and the editor of Blueprint Magazine. “In a sense that it offers him a, not an unimpeded, but a fairly clear route to the runoff.”

Measles infections pose far more risks than most realize | NBC News

The massive resurgence of measles around the world — attributed to pandemic-related declines in immunizations and rising rates of vaccine hesitancy among parents — raises the risk of more serious complications and deaths, said Dr. James Cherry, a professor of pediatrics and an infectious disease expert at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. 

Artificial stone countertop workers face incurable disease | Spectrum News 1

Dr. Jane Fazio, a UCLA Health pulmonary specialist, has studied over 50 engineered-stone workers with silicosis and said it’s impacting mostly young, Latino, immigrant men, even in their 20s. “Initially, they may have no symptoms at all and then progress to shortness of breath, maybe just with exertion or playing with their kid,” she said. “And then it becomes shortness of breath all the time and then a need for oxygen and then hospitalization and then really, suffocating… leading to either lung transplant or death.” 

Could you pass the Presidential Physical Fitness Test? | New York Times

“When I think of the shuttle run in adults, I just think of injuries,” said Dr. Calvin Duffaut, a sports medicine physician and team doctor for UCLA Athletics. “The changes in direction — if someone doesn’t have the background in it, I worry.” 

Culinary hubs put a twist on home cooking | New York Times

The conversions are indicative of neighborhood revitalization, said Stuart A. Gabriel, a finance professor and the director of the Ziman Center for Real Estate at the University of California, Los Angeles. He added that the loss of homes might not be significant enough to move the needle on the housing shortage at large. 

Buttigieg boosts California’s “bullet” train bureaucracy | Daily Breeze

UCLA economics professor Lee Ohanian could see where it wasn’t going: “There is no path to completion for the fantasy rail system that was falsely sold to voters 15 years ago. The only reasonable decision is to end a project that should never have begun.” 

L.A. law aims to improve retail workers’ schedules | Los Angeles Times

Of the more than 147,000 retail workers in L.A., more than three-fourths were people of color and nearly two-thirds earned low wages, according to a report from the UCLA Labor Center and the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy, which drew on census data from 2016. 

Karen Bass has been quietly steering change in L.A.P.D. | Los Angeles Times

Concurrently, with UCLA, the mayor’s office is continuing to assess Angelenos’ perceptions of public safety through surveys and listening sessions, to identify the particular concerns held in the city’s vastly differing neighborhoods. That process will lead to a report with recommendations, not just for the L.A.P.D. but for a wider public safety program that includes first responders including paramedics, traffic officers and mental health clinicians.