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Photographer Catherine Opie | National Public Radio

On the latest episode of Bullseye we’re joined by photographer Catherine Opie. Her photographs have been shown in museums all over the world, she’s a former Guggenheim Fellow and a professor of photography at UCLA. Her latest show is called “Harmony is fraught.” It’s showing now through March 3 in L.A. at Regen Projects.

Trump’s deportation plan modeled on ‘inhumane’ past | Washington Post

Historian Kelly Lytle Hernández told The Post that the operation that was publicized in 1954 was a “racial terror campaign” that relied on scare tactics to prompt people to self-deport. “When [Trump] harkens back to that, I think we have got to be really clear about what kind of law enforcement campaign he is threatening to unleash,” said Lytle Hernández, who holds the Thomas E. Lifka endowed chair of history at UCLA. “It is not just mass deportation; it’s mass racial banishment.”

How will Trump pay his mounting legal bills? | Slate

“It should be a no-brainer that a political party cannot pay the restitution that is owed by a person for committing business fraud. The whole point of disgorging profits is that you’re taking the ill-gotten gains away from the wrongdoer,” said UCLA’s Rick Hasen. (Hasen was also interviewed by LAist 89.3-FM’s ‘AirTalk.’)

Can Orange County swing the balance of the U.S. House? | The Guardian

The region was overwhelmingly Republican into the 1990s, said Jim Newton, a UCLA lecturer and veteran journalist who covered the region. Demographic trends suggested it wouldn’t remain so forever, he said, but the political shift came far sooner than anticipated.

Faith leaders central to migrant rights movement | United Press International

(Commentary co-written by UCLA’s Roberto Chao Romero) A convoy of far-right Christian nationalists calling themselves “God’s Army” have been staging rallies on the southern U.S. border against migrants. Under the banner “Take Our Border Back,” rally participants are using dehumanizing language about an “invasion” and citing the “great replacement” conspiracy theory, which claims that a cabal of Western elites and Jews are promoting migration in order to replace white people and their political power with non-white immigrants.

California takes up call to toughen gun storage rules | KFF Health News

“2nd Amendment law is profoundly unsettled right now,” said Adam Winkler, a UCLA law professor who specializes in constitutional law. “And courts can’t seem to agree on which gun laws are constitutional and which aren’t.”

Lab-made meat-rice hybrid speaks to the future of food | Washington Post

“This is the vision that the whole field is aspiring toward, for sure,” said Amy Rowat, a professor of integrative biology and physiology at the University of California at Los Angeles. “The million-dollar question is, when will we see this in your grocery store? I think we are still some ways away.”