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UCLA startup spurs $20 million CO2 removal plant | Bloomberg

Boeing Co.-backed startup Equatic is building a demonstration plant in Singapore that will remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere while also producing hydrogen, the company announced Tuesday … The $20 million plant is being constructed by a water desalination plant in Tuas, Singapore, and is co-funded by PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency; the National Research Foundation; Singapore and the University of California, Los Angeles’s Institute for Carbon Management. (Also: Channel News Asia.)

AI helping the world's top hospital CEOs transform health care | Newsweek

But hospital leaders also spoke of a tension between the promise AI holds and its challenges. “We want to be doing the latest and greatest, but we want to be doing it in the safest and the most thoughtful way,” UCLA Hospital System CEO Johnese Spisso said.

Yoga may help women at risk for Alzheimer’s | HealthDay News

In a new study, yoga appears to have bolstered the brain health of older women who had risk factors for Alzheimer's disease … "That is what yoga is good for — to reduce stress, to improve brain health, subjective memory performance and reduce inflammation and improve neuroplasticity," said study lead author Dr. Helen Lavretsky. She's a health psychiatrist at the Jane and Terry Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior, part of UCLA Health. (Also: New Atlas.)

Teaching the full history of civil rights | Daily Breeze

This month, America honors Black history. Unfortunately, our nation’s schoolchildren aren’t being taught much about the subject. A recent UCLA study found that more than half of states have taken action to bury lessons about America’s long struggle with racism. States are performatively banning critical race theory courses that never existed — and redefining diversity and equity as racism.

Transgender people see their existence denied in new laws | Associated Press

The Williams Institute, a think tank at UCLA Law, estimates there are 1.3 million transgender adults in the United States. But it’s believed that intersex people represent 1.7% of humans, which would translate to over 5 million in the U.S. alone.

Indiana's ban on gender-affirming care | United Press International

According to the University of California, Los Angeles' Williams Institute, there are an estimated 4,100 minors between the ages of 13 and 17 who identify as transgender in Indiana, representing less than 1% of the state's population.

$1B donation makes New York medical school tuition free | Associated Press

UCLA’s David Geffen School of Medicine offers merit-based scholarships thanks to some $146 million in donations from the recording industry mogul.