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Ten shows that portray the Black experience | USA Today

For your viewing – and learning – pleasure, and with the help of Darnell Hunt, dean of Social Sciences at the University of California, Los Angeles and director of UCLA’s Ralph J. Bunche Center for African American Studies, we’ve compiled some TV titles that illustrate the long history of Black folks in America and showcase the multifaceted Black experience from Black joy and Black love to Black trauma. 

Teachers are key in conveying the importance of Black history | KABC-TV

“Black history is American history. When you look at the struggle, the sacrifices that Black Americans have endured to make this country a more perfect union. To live up to its goals of what it means to be a democratic society,” said UCLA’s Tyrone Howard.

Political storms swirl around Newsom | Associated Press

Sonja Diaz, founder of the Latino Politics & Policy Initiative at UCLA, said that young workers and people of color are bearing the brunt of the state’s coronavirus surges. She said the Trump administration deserves much of the blame for the disjointed response, but that Democrats need to stay focused on the priorities of vaccinating people and providing economic help rather than bending to critics on the right.

Smokers can get the COVID-19 vaccine before others | USA Today

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, discovered how smoking worsens COVID-19 infections in a smoker’s airways in a November study published in the peer-reviewed journal Cell Stem Cell. ... “If you think of the airways like the high walls that protect a castle, smoking cigarettes is like creating holes in these walls,” said Dr. Brigitte Gomperts, a professor of pulmonary medicine and member of the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center. “Smoking reduces the natural defenses and that allows the virus to set in.”

The latest on the pandemic | BBC News

“This is really great news. There are several pieces of good news here. But the idea that this vaccine, first of all, has good efficacy only after one dose, is terrific. … This is all still preliminary data and we still need to really understand, in a randomized controlled trial when you have groups evenly distributed, to truly get a sense of what’s happening here. But all in all, fantastic news,” said UCLA’s Anne Rimoin (approx. 0:35 mark). Rimoin was also quoted by the Des Moines Register and The Healthy and interviewed on KTLA-TV.

Groups hardest hit by pandemic are lagging in receiving vaccine | KABC-TV

In Los Angeles County alone, the death rate among Latinos skyrocketed 1,000% since November. Now, groups hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic are also lagging in vaccine distribution. “At first, it was a general access problem for the entire country,” said Dr. Fola May, health equity researcher at UCLA Health.

For seniors of color, improving access to vaccine is key | California Health Report

“When you have a grandmother who is wheelchair bound and doesn’t have access to a car, getting out to health appointments is very difficult,” [UCLA’s Vickie] Mays said. “So, could you do a better job with the rollout if you had smaller … places where the person is not traveling to the health care center but instead staying in their neighborhood? Should you have mobile vans that are going around and setting up vaccinations? It’s really thinking about how we deliver care.”

Communities of color lag behind in vaccine rollout | Democracy Now!

“What we’re seeing illustrated is about 150 years of medical neglect,” says Dr. David Hayes-Bautista, director of the Center for the Study of Latino Health and Culture at UCLA School of Medicine. “These disparities didn’t suddenly appear nine months ago at the beginning of the pandemic. These disparities have been built in, decision by decision.”

What to do when waiting for COVID test results | Associated Press

“Stay home, preferably in self-isolation away from others, until notified of test results. If the COVID-19 test is positive, remain in self-isolation until your fever has gone away for at least 72 hours (three days) off any fever-reducing medications such as acetaminophen. If you never had a fever (or only a few days of fever) you should remain in self-isolation for at least seven days,” said UCLA’s Dr. Timothy Brewer. (UCLA’s Marta Shocket was also quoted.)

Your microbiome could play a role in your COVID-19 response | Elemental

Emeran Mayer, MD, PhD, is a microbiome expert and co-director of UCLA’s Digestive Diseases Research Center. He’s been paying close attention to the work linking gut health to Covid-19 outcomes. “It’s intriguing,” he says. “We know that people with comorbid chronic conditions like hypertension and Type 2 diabetes and hyperlipidemia are at increased risk for severe [Covid-19] disease, and we also know that pro-inflammatory microbes are more common in [the guts of] people with these conditions.”

COVID-19 cases dropping in groups with high vaccination rate | Healthline

“It looks like the vaccine in Israel has been really successful,” said Christina Ramirez, PhD, a professor of biostatistics at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health. “And I think it’ll tell us what we should expect in other countries.”

First woman of color to lead UCLA Film & Television Archive | Spectrum News 1

May Hong HaDuong is the new director of the UCLA Film & Television Archive and remembers growing up watching classic films, romantic comedies, and lots of local news. “The archive is not just cinema and television. We also collect news films,” said HaDuong. “News films that document Los Angeles landscapes, histories, culture, protests. It’s an amazing collection where you cannot just be inspired, but learn from these stories.”

UCLA’s Trimaine Davis to be honorary captain at Super Bowl | KNBC-TV

He inspires others as retention coordinator for UCLA’s VIP Scholars program. He ensures underrepresented students have the resources and the motivation to succeed in high school, college and career. It’s not just a job for Davis — it’s his passion. “I don’t want students to ever think because they don’t travel a traditional way that they won’t be able to achieve what they want to accomplish,” he said.

UCLA to establish archive on policing and mass incarceration | KCRW-FM

The university will archive a range of materials, including police files, for future research on racial and social justice. (UCLA’s Kelly Lytle Hernandez was cited.)

To lead on housing, legislators should look to Sacramento City Hall | Cal Matters

UCLA scholars affiliated with the Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies echo concerns about the racist history and effect of single-family home zoning, and find the practice to be “inequitable, inefficient and environmentally unsustainable.”

To succeed as a Latinx creator in Hollywood, it helps to be white-passing | Medium

With TV shows, Latinx actors didn’t fare much better. UCLA’s annual Hollywood diversity report found that on broadcast scripted shows (those that air on NBC, ABC, and CBS) from 2018 to 2019, Latinx actors made up only 6.6% of the leads. The stats for cable and digital scripted shows were similarly dismal.