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Distant planet has 350,000-mile-long tail | New York Times

‘Most Hot Jupiters are losing mass in this way, but not all of them have tails,” said Dakotah Tyler, a doctoral candidate in astrophysics at University of California, Los Angeles, and an author of an accompanying study published this week in The Astrophysical Journal. “The only way to get the tail is if you have an excessive stellar wind that reshapes and sculpts it, basically like a comet.” (UCLA’s Erik Petigura was also quoted.)

Can AI help make roads less congested and deadly? | Los Angeles Times

Michael Manville, UCLA professor and chair of the Department of Urban Planning at its Luskin School of Public Affairs, isn’t so optimistic about that potential, given decades of evidence about what does and doesn’t work … “You’re telling me we need advanced AI to figure out that it doesn’t do much good to widen the f—ing road?” he said. “We’ve known this since like 1920.”

Texas, Louisiana among states bracing for record cold | ABC News

UCLA environmental law professor William Boyd agreed, staying in a statement Thursday, “I don’t expect a repeat of 2021. The Texas state government required and made a substantial investment in weatherizing their power sources, which was big problem across all types of power generation three years ago, from wind power to natural gas plants. The state has also seen a massive increase in storage capacity since then.”

As ‘mansion taxes’ catch on, L.A. offers lessons | Bloomberg

A 2022 UCLA study somewhat assuaged concerns about affordable housing, suggesting that the tax would have little impact on multifamily construction … Experts say the cost of the tax can also make it harder for developers to get financing from banks, however. Shane Phillips, the housing initiative project manager at the UCLA Lewis Center for Regional Policy Studies and one of the authors of the UCLA paper, warns that because of this, applying the tax to first sales of multifamily units could kill more affordable apartments than it ends up paying for.

Raising awareness about kidney disease | KTLA-TV

Chief Clinical Director of Nephrology at UCLA Dr. Anjay Rastogi is helping bring awareness to kidney disease and a patient advocacy group called the Core Kidney Program. (Rastogi was interviewed.)

How long should I wait after eating to work out? | NBC’s ‘Today’

Exercising on a full stomach can lead to some uncomfortable symptoms like reflux, hiccups, nausea and vomiting, Dr. Daniel Vigil, associate clinical professor of family medicine and orthopedic surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, tells TODAY.com. But that may not be the case for everyone. There are some people who can exercise after eating a big meal and have no issues, Vigil adds.

Connection between impaired autophagy, heart failure | Medical Xpress

A new study sheds light on how autophagy, the body’s process for removing damaged cell parts, when impaired, can play a role in causing heart failure. The research team led by Dr. E. Dale Abel, chair of the Department of Medicine at UCLA, and Dr. Quanjiang Zhang, adjunct assistant professor of medicine at UCLA, identified a signaling pathway that links autophagy to the control of cellular levels of a key coenzyme known as NAD+, which is found in all living cells and is central to how our metabolism works. (Abel was quoted. Also: Scienmag.)

Radiotherapy with chemo effective in treating lung cancer | Scienmag

A new study led by researchers from the UCLA Health Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center shows that using high doses of radiation while integrating an ablative radiotherapy technique called stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR) concurrently with chemotherapy is safe and effective in treating people with locally advanced non-small cell lung cancer that is not suitable for surgery. (UCLA’s Dr. Trudy Wu, Dr. Beth Neilsen and Dr. Michael Steinberg were quoted.)