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Can your gas stove make you sick? | Los Angeles Times

A 2020 report issued by UCLA and the Sierra Club that synthesized existing data came to much the same conclusion … “The association between gas appliance use and health [including furnaces and water heaters] have mixed results, in part due to study design limitations, but also due to a lack of data on quantified exposures,” the paper says. Lead author Yifang Zhu, professor at the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, said “There are definitely health concerns,” that merit further study, but the evidence is not as substantial as what people have done for outdoor air.”

Did woman get HPV-related cancer from nail salon? | NBC’s ‘Today’

Nail cancers remain uncommon, and most of them are melanomas, Dr. Teo Soleymani, a dermatologist at UCLA Health who treated Garcia, says … “It’s pretty rare for several reasons. Generally speaking, the strains that cause cancer from an HPV standpoint tend to be more sexually transmitted,” Soleymani tells TODAY.com. “In Grace’s case, she had an injury, which became the portal of entry. So that thick skin that we have on our hands and feet that acts as a natural barrier against infections and things like that was no longer the case, and the virus was able to infect her skin.” (Also: New York Post.)

Black Americans at risk from medical maltreatment | Capital & Main

A 2021 UCLA study found that the share of physicians who are Black men in the country has gone virtually unchanged since 1940. In California, about 6.5% of the population is Black, but only about 3% of its physicians are.

L.A. building safe spaces for extreme weather | Spectrum News 1

[Los Angeles Chief Heat Officer Marta] Segura said many of the city’s existing cooling centers in disadvantaged areas need retrofits and repairs. Her department is using the UCLA Heat Map and the city of LA’s Equity Scorecard to prioritize retrofits and identify the need for additional sites.

San Diego mayor’s housing reform raises questions | San Diego Union-Tribune

Subsidized housing is so costly it can never add enough units to bring down local housing costs that are the cause of mass poverty. As UCLA housing expert Stuart Gabriel says, expecting subsidized units to make a major difference is like “pouring a glass of water into the Santa Monica Bay and then looking for a change.”

How California’s recent rains stack up against historic storms | San Francisco Chronicle

“In this drought era, a lot of folks in California may have forgotten just how significant the storms can get at times,” said Daniel Swain, a climate scientist at UCLA and the Nature Conservancy, during an online presentation Monday, “(and) how much water can fall from the sky over a relatively short period of time.” (Swain was also quoted by Xinhua and the Economist and was interviewed by “Democracy Now!”)

More seniors visiting the ER after getting high | New York Post

A new study from the University of California San Diego, revealed a stunning 1,808% increase in cannabis-related emergency room visits among Californians ages 65 and up from 2005 to 2019. Physicians said that the number should spark widespread concern and drug screenings for all seniors. “It’s troubling,” Dr. Michael D. Levine, director of medical toxicology at UCLA Health, told The Post. “It corresponds to an overall increase in drug trends and increased marijuana use over the past decade. And I think it’s problematic for multiple reasons.”

Charter school dress code case could go to Supreme Court | KPCC-FM’s ‘AirTalk’

“Of course, the court could take it up and render a pretty narrow decision in terms of the particular language of the North Carolina statutes. The court here, for example, stressed that those statutes referred to charter schools as public schools. Maybe all it takes is not to have that reference in there,” said UCLA’s Eugene Volokh (approx. 12:45 mark).