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The U.S. lacks what every democracy needs | New York Times

(Commentary by UCLA’s Richard Hasen) The history of voting in the United States shows the high cost of living with an old Constitution, unevenly enforced by a reluctant Supreme Court.

Jewish Federation looking at campus safety for students | Spectrum News 1

UCLA professor Eugene Volokh, an expert in free speech, offered his advice on engaging in safe discourse on school campuses. “You don’t have to persuade the advocates on the other side,” said Volokh. “And I think once you recognize that you don’t have this impossible battle of persuading the activists on the other side, but the much more feasible task of talking to people who are perhaps not very knowledgeable about the subject and explaining certain things, I think that becomes much easier.”

Tough choices for Israel in U.S.’s Middle East vision | BBC

Dov Waxman, a professor of Israel studies at UCLA, is not certain such a commitment is solid, however. “Since the Palestinian Authority is now widely perceived by Palestinians to be illegitimate, it makes it very hard for its officials, including Abbas himself, to support democratizing because doing so would jeopardize their own rule and even the Authority’s continued existence,” he said.

2023’s temperatures have these scientists on edge | Associated Press

“There is some evidence that the rate of warming over the past decade or so is slightly faster than the decade or so previous — which meets the mathematical definition of acceleration,” said UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain. “However, this too is largely in line with predictions” that warming would accelerate at a certain point, especially when particle pollution in the air decreases. (Swain was also interviewed by KABC-TV.)

John Kerry is leaving the Biden administration | NPR’s ‘Morning Edition’

“The relationships between Xie and Kerry seem to be important, especially when broader relations were bad. It allowed a continuation, even more informally,” said UCLA’s Alex Wang (approx. 1:10 mark).

What the U.S. attack in Yemen means for oil prices, inflation | ABC News

The U.S. attack on Yemen could expand the number of ships diverting from the Suez Canal, since insurance companies will be reluctant to cover damage incurred by a possible attack, Christopher Tang, a professor at the UCLA Anderson School of Management, who focuses on supply chains, told ABC News.

Taking cash to leave a rent-controlled apartment? | Los Angeles Times

“The number of such notices filed with [Los Angeles Housing Department] is likely a tiny fraction of such agreements,” said Gary Blasi, professor of law emeritus at UCLA School of Law.

How a new housing program is faring in L.A, O.C.  | LAist

A 2022 study by the California Policy Lab at UCLA showed that about 4,500 unhoused people in L.A. County who were unsheltered and received street outreach services between 2019 and 2020 had been diagnosed with a psychotic spectrum disorder, such as schizophrenia. That’s about 10% of the total 45,000 unsheltered people the study examined.

Scooter injuries on the rise | Santa Monica Daily Press

With the rise in riding comes a tangential, and substantial, increase in scooter injuries. According to new UCLA-led research, scooter injuries nearly tripled across the United States from 2016 to 2020, along with a similar increase in severe injuries requiring orthopedic and plastic surgery over the same period. (UCLA’s Nam Yong Cho was quoted. Also: KPBS-FM.)

Clown cardio doesn’t take exercise seriously | New York Times

Michelle Liu Carriger, chair of the theater department at UCLA, thinks the recent popularity of clowning could be people realizing that seriousness doesn’t get us where we need to go. “The things that got us through difficult pandemic times were not just washing our hands and listening to health professionals, but finding ways to detach, unwind and let off steam.”