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What Iowa caucus results say about GOP voters | CBS News

“Two things are relevant. The fact that it’s Iowa and those voters might be different than voters in the rest of the country. I think we’ve heard a lot about that tonight, and how they’re different than voters in New Hampshire. But, it’s tempting to think that people who participate in these primaries and caucuses might be different than the people who participate in general elections, and they are, in some dimensions,” said UCLA’s Lynn Vavreck.

A.I.’s latest challenge: the Math Olympics | New York Times

Terence Tao, a mathematician at the University of California, Los Angeles — and the youngest-ever Olympiad gold medalist, when he was 12 — said he thought that AlphaGeometry was “nice work” and had achieved “surprisingly strong results.” Fine-tuning an A.I.-system to solve Olympiad problems might not improve its deep-research skills, he said, but in this case the journey may prove more valuable than the destination.

Troubling increase for colon and breast cancer in younger adults | ABC News

“There are studies that even show that risk factors like whether or not you were breastfed, whether or not you had antibiotics at a high rate as a child — that these factors might be predicting your chances of getting cancer when you’re an adult,” said Dr. Folasade May, gastroenterologist and researcher at UCLA Health.

The deadly earthquake that changed California | The Guardian

There have also been improvements in education and outreach that will help protect more people without the need for big structural changes. “People worry about structural collapse but it’s really all the shelves, and books, and TVs and the non-structural components that pose a bigger hazard for human health,” said [Scott Brandenberg], an earthquake engineer and professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

How Texas kept the lights on in the recent deep freeze | New York Times

In 2022, Texas installed nearly as much new energy capacity from wind alone as California did for wind, solar and battery storage combined, said William Boyd, a professor of environmental law at the University of California, Los Angeles. Last year, solar made up seven percent of the state grid’s power mix, up from nearly nothing five years before.