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Distant exoplanet has a 350,000-mile-long tail | Smithsonian Magazine

Stars eject fast-moving streams of particles called stellar wind, and this force from WASP-69b’s star is kicking gas out of the planet’s atmosphere, forming a tail that stretches at least 350,000 miles behind it … “Work by previous groups showed that this planet was losing some of its atmosphere and suggested a subtle tail or perhaps none at all,” [lead author Dakotah Tyler] says in a statement from UCLA. “However, we have now definitively detected this tail.” (UCLA’s Erik Petigura was also quoted.)

Active membranes: The future of fresh water is bright | Scienmag

The growth of Los Angeles as a startup hub is highlighted by a robust and diverse entrepreneurial ecosystem within UCLA. The Magnify Incubator at CNSI is no exception to showcasing the range of early-stage businesses. (UCLA’s David Jassby, Eric Hoek and Nikki Lin were quoted.)

The latest on the Israel-Hamas conflict | KNBC-TV

“It’s going to go on until the pressure on Hamas is enough to either release the hostages or find another way out, especially for their senior leadership. The issue has been now, you have Hamas’s senior commanders, who the IDF knows are in Gaza … somewhere in the tunnels and bunkers. The belief now is that they have some of these hostages around them, acting as human shields,” said UCLA’s Benjamin Radd (approx. :30 mark. Radd was also interviewed by Spectrum News 1.)

A California panel is holding up studies on psychedelics | Los Angeles Times

Psychologist Steven Shoptaw, director of the Center for Behavioral and Addiction Medicine at UCLA, said there was a time when such experiments were conducted on people in jails and other settings who could not freely consent. But the rigorous scrutiny from institutional review boards, the Food and Drug Administration, the National Institutes of Health and others now make the California panel obsolete, he said.

Are laxatives the ‘budget Ozempic’? | NBC’s ‘Today’

Laxatives are not a weight-loss aid, but doctors worry some people are still not getting the message — especially as they look for cheaper, more accessible alternatives to weight-loss drugs like Wegovy and Zepbound. … “It’s not a safe way to lose weight, and it’s also not a long-lasting way to lose weight,” adds Dr. Lin Chang, vice-chief of the division of digestive diseases at UCLA.

What to know about false ‘birther’ claims about Nikki Haley | CNN

“It has long been accepted that anyone born on United States soil is a natural-born citizen of the United States entitled to serve as President,” said Rick Hasen, a leading election law scholar and a professor at the UCLA School of Law. “Although some anti-immigration forces have sought to change this rule, the question is not in legal doubt.”