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CSU ends strike amid tentative deal | KCAL-TV

“By and large, when it gets to this point, we’re pretty much clear that this is a deal. There’s always the potential for union members saying that there are some aspects of the deal that they’re not satisfied with or they’re not happy with. By and large, when you have an announcement that comes out from the union saying a deal’s been reached, it looks like it’s a go,” said UCLA’s Tyrone Howard (approx. 2:05 mark).

Persistent cough has made this virus season exhausting | Washington Post

Russell Buhr, a pulmonary and critical care medicine physician at UCLA Health in Los Angeles, said anywhere from 20 to 40 percent of adults who get a viral infection can develop a post-infection cough that persists for two to eight weeks. “I’ve seen it more frequently in my practice than I did a few years ago,” Buhr said.

That nagging cough you have might not be COVID | Fortune

While children with a lower respiratory infection like RSV tend to wheeze, such noises may only be apparent to medical providers. The typical nonclinician parent usually won’t be able to detect it, Dr. Ishminder Kaur, an assistant professor of pediatric infectious diseases at UCLA Health, tells Fortune.

Semen has a microbiome too, and it might affect fertility | HealthDay News

Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles examined the microbiomes and sperm health of 73 adult men. Some had been having issues with fertility while others had no fertility issues and had already become fathers. The study turned up one species of bacterium living within semen, Lactobacillus iner, that could play a role in fertility. (UCLA’s Dr. Vadim Osadchiy was quoted.)

OC Supervisor quietly routed millions more to his daughter’s group | LAist

“It’s very messy governance, from what we can tell,” said Rose Chan Loui, a longtime attorney for nonprofits who directs UCLA Law School’s program on philanthropy and nonprofits, after reviewing the group’s public tax filings. “What’s publicly available really shows a lot of neglect or a lack of knowledge of a lot of different nonprofit laws,” she said, such as needing a secretary who’s a different person than the president.