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Disney wants to inspire the next generation of tech | Orange County Register

“I think our educational system is upside down,” Asad Madni said. The UCLA professor was another 2024 inductee, for his work on micro-electromechanical system gyroscopes. “We teach them physics and teach them maths. We teach them chemistry. We throw equations at them. We scare the living hell out of them. It’s just not inspiring. Bring the kids in and first get them excited. Don’t talk about those equations or nonsense first. Get them inspired.”

Addiction helplines needed as sport betting booms | Marketplace

Any type of gambling can be addictive. Say you’re at a casino and you hit a jackpot at a slot machine, or you win a hand of poker. According to Dr. Timothy Fong, a professor of psychiatry at UCLA and co-director of the school’s Gambling Studies Program, that does something to your brain. “When you win a reward, when you win money, that feels naturally good,” Fong said. “That’s baked into our DNA.”

New findings about infants born to COVID-infected mothers | Medical Xpress

New UCLA-led research finds that infants born full term to mothers who were infected with COVID-19 during pregnancy had three times the risk of having respiratory distress compared with unexposed infants, even though they themselves were not infected with the virus. The risk was significantly lower when the mothers infected during pregnancy were previously vaccinated. (UCLA’s Dr. Karin Nielsen was quoted. Also: Scienmag.)

Layoffs at Los Angeles Times cause optimism to dwindle | Washington Post

Jim Newton, a 25-year veteran of the Times who now teaches at the University of California at Los Angeles, said that Tuesday’s cuts are just the latest example of a Times owner “trying to reverse the paper’s fortunes by cutting their way to profitability.” “The result has been the steady diminishment of the paper’s range and ambition,” he added. “The Times is the most obvious victim of this mismanagement, but the real cost is to Los Angeles itself.”

Biden officials resisted UC plans to hire undocumented students | Politico

Advocates also argue it should be up to these students, many of whom have already taken on great personal risk to pursue higher education, to weigh for themselves the danger of filling out W-2 forms and seeking employment. “It’s paternalistic, but it’s also just wrong to say, ‘Oh, we don’t want to do this because of the risk incurred to you,’” said Ahilan Arulanantham, a UCLA Law professor who has helped advance the legal theory underlying the plans.

The silent killer of L.A.’s homeless | Los Angeles Magazine

By the 21st Century, actions to address the homeless epidemic took a turn for the better. According to a report from UCLA’s Luskin for History and Policy, “despite the challenges of implementing such policies as the Homeless Prevention Initiative and Project 50 in the 2000s, Los Angeles has undergone a significant change in its experience of, and response to homelessness.”

Utah’s growing demand for gender-affirming care | Salt Lake Tribune

About 1.3 million Americans identified as transgender in June 2022, according to the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law. That number includes an estimated 2,100 Utahns between the ages of 13 and 17, and an estimated 13,700 Utah adults.