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Trump administration threatens California over abortion | New York Times

In a briefing with reporters, administration officials would not say which funding streams might be cut off or how much money might be involved. Jocelyn Samuels, who served as director of the Office of Civil Rights for H.H.S. from 2014 through the end of the Obama administration, said that billions of dollars could potentially be at stake…. If California is deprived of money because of its abortion coverage requirement, it would be the first time the federal government has withheld funding because of health care provider conscience laws, said Ms. Samuels, who is now the executive director of the Williams Institute at the University of California Los Angeles School of Law.

Car-free Market Street | San Francisco Chronicle

“Once this is done, people will see it was a great idea,” said Donald Shoup, a professor of urban planning at UCLA who specializes in the economics of parking. He pointed to studies showing that streets are safer, and more productive, when curb space is used for short-term loading instead of car storage. It saves Uber and Lyft passengers from having to step out in the middle of traffic, and opens space for many more people to arrive and leave.

Why Brexit means Britain needs a written constitution | The Times (U.K.) Opinion

(Commentary co-written by UCLA’s Jody Heymann) The UK is one of just five countries in the world without a written constitution. Amidst heated debates over public services, threats to workers’ rights, and a documented rise in hate crimes, equal rights are undeniably at risk. Against this backdrop and with Brexit looming, the time has come for a UK constitution that safeguards the rights of all.

There are 4 FDA-approved drugs to treat flu symptoms ­— here’s what to know | Healthline

“The flu this year is susceptible to all four of them, so the antivirals will work,” explained Dr. James D. Cherry, distinguished research professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles and the UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital Division of Infectious Diseases. “The thing is, they have to be given right away, and definitely within the first 48 hours,” Cherry told Healthline.

Sacramento and Washington face renewed conflict as they crack down on truck pollution | Forbes

It would cripple the state's fight against smog and microscopic dust particles, according to Ann Carlson, a University of California at Los Angeles law professor. And in Carlson's view, this puts the EPA on shaky legal ground, even with Brett Kavanaugh — a vocal skeptic of government regulation — now sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court. That's because the courts have upheld California's right to chart its own course in fighting smog for decades and because “motor vehicles are far and away our biggest smog problem,” Carlson said.

‘Trans-friendly’ company policies are not helping unemployed trans people | Vice

Kozuch explained that the HRC is “not able to calculate a wholly accurate number,” due to a lack of available information aside from a 2012 estimate by the Williams Institute, an LGBTQ think tank at UCLA.

Bay Area traffic is terrible, so why are fewer people taking transit? | Bay Area News Group

Ridership across the Bay Area’s public transportation systems fell by 5.2 percent between 2016 and 2018, according to a study from UCLA’s Institute of Transportation Studies, with the region’s residents taking 27.5 million fewer transit trips per year… “Compared to the rest of the country, the Bay Area is doing better, but it is on the decline,” said Jacob Wasserman, a UCLA researcher who gave a presentation about the forthcoming study Wednesday to the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. The full study is expected to be released next month.

Medi-Cal benefits eliminated a decade ago, such as foot care and eyeglasses, are back | California Healthline

Proponents of the restored benefits say the state will save money by providing foot care for people with diabetes, such as Serrano. A 2017 analysis by UCLA researchers estimated that the use of preventive podiatric services saved Medi-Cal up to $97 million in 2014, attributable to avoided hospital admissions and amputations.

Trump rolls back Obama-era water protections. How will that affect California? | KCRW-FM’s “Press Play”

“This rule rolls back major protections under the Clean Water Act, that were put in place under the Obama administration for the nation’s streams, wetlands and other water bodies,” said UCLA’s Noah Garrison (Approx. 0:29 mark)

Oprah’s new book club pick is fueling a debate | CNN

Ana-Christina Ramón says she sees a clear connection with her own work. As the director of research and civic engagement for UCLA’s social sciences division and the co-author of an annual report on diversity in Hollywood, she closely tracks what stories are being told on TV and the big screen — and who’s telling them. The debate over “American Dirt,” she says, has a familiar ring. “Especially for the Latino community, in film and TV we don’t really get enough of a chance to show our authentic lives,” says Ramón, who has not read “American Dirt” but says she read numerous reviews and analyses of the book by people she trusts. “Then, to see that in literature it’s kind of the same, it’s frustrating.”

In Phoenix, a Latino activist beat the odds to win a council seat | USA Today

Data shows that when candidates of color run, their races draw more voters of color to elections, and those voters are more likely to vote for a candidate from their own racial or ethnic background, said Matt Barreto, a University of California, Los Angeles, professor of political science and Chicana/o studies and co-founder of Latino Decisions, a political research firm. “The research suggests that they aren’t being recruited, they are not being sought out by the Democratic Party or the Republican Party,” he said.

Samantha Bee gives surprising credit to Ivanka Trump for parental leave law | People

“We urgently need to catch up in the United States,” Jody Heymann, the founding director of the World Policy Analysis Center at UCLA, told NPR in a report about paid parental leave. “For a high-income country, we have some of the worst outcomes for our infants. We have some of the highest rates of infant mortality. We have huge health inequalities.”

UCLA urged to phase out single-use plastics | KTTV-TV

We’ve all been hearing about how plastics are clogging up the ocean. Now some students at UCLA want to do something about it. They’re urging the school to ban single-use plastics.