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What’s next in police and social justice reform? | KPCC-FM’s “Take Two”

“If I’m a gang member and I see an open window, and a bag of money on the other side of that window, and I reach in through the window and pull out that bag of money? That’s me, Jorja Leap, committing a crime. It’s not Jorja Leap, gang member. So right there, things get very, very fuzzy,” said UCLA’s Jorja Leap (approx. 29:45 mark).

Fowler Museum at UCLA gets grant to support religion project | MyNewsLA

UCLA received a $1.38 million grant to fund a three-year endeavor that expands the Fowler Museum’s ongoing study of religious and spiritual traditions in Los Angeles and beyond, it was announced Monday. “With a focus on exploring the multisensory experiences of religion, the project addresses the urgent need to increase community participation in exhibitions, digital learning and public programs,” according to a statement released by museum officials. (UCLA’s Patrick Polk and Amy Landau were quoted.)

Valley restaurants prepare for return of outdoor dining | Los Angeles Daily News

Jerry Nickelsburg, director of the UCLA Anderson Forecast research institute said outdoor dining openings last time saw an increase in hiring, “so we would expect that this time.” “The wild card is how safe will people feel going to restaurants for outdoor dining,” he said.

All California regions expected to top 15% ICU capacity in 4 weeks | Associated Press and KTLA-TV

Dr. Jeffrey Klausner, an epidemiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles Fielding School of Public Health, said the state’s overall projection is grounded on the growth in daily coronavirus cases, an assumption that “could be quite unstable and subject to various factors that might increase it.”

California shifts to age-based COVID-19 vaccine system | KCBS-TV

“You have to try and simplify things as much as you possibly can, [while] trying to make vaccine distribution equitable,” Dr. Anne Rimoin, director of the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, said. She said that prioritizing by age should also mean having locations in which people do not stand in long lines that lack proper physical distancing.  (Rimoin was also interviewed on KCRW-FM’s “Press Play”.)

The latest on the pandemic | KPCC-FM’s “AirTalk”

“Our case rates have come down by about half since the beginning of the year and the first week of January. So there really has been a big shift towards dropping in cases. And while deaths haven’t dropped as quickly as cases, there’s usually a lag. So I think the positive news in the case rates and the test positivity dropping, as well as hospitalizations, do call for a reassessment of some of our stay-at-home measures,” said UCLA’s Dr. Timothy Brewer.