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Another epidemic is raging: Drug overdoses | Los Angeles Times

And even without the pandemic, incarceration for drug offenses often does more harm than good. “The risk of overdose increases dramatically post release from jail and prison,” notes Dr. Helena Hansen, an addiction psychiatrist at UCLA, “so we’re actually killing people by locking them up.”

Google workers unionize | Los Angeles Times

Minority unions, such as the new Google group, began in the industrial era as first step to mobilize and channel workers’ discontent with a broader goal of gaining more power in the workplace, said Toby Higbie, a professor of history and labor studies at UCLA. It would probably be difficult for employees in a company as large as Google to reach a critical mass of workers and hold elections for a traditional union straight away, he said.

Some health care workers decline to get COVID-19 vaccine | KNBC-TV

“To be really clear, healthcare workers were interested in getting this vaccine in general but many of them just wanted to wait for more information,” UCLA epidemiology professor Anne Rimoin said. Since September, Rimoin has been conducting surveys about vaccine hesitancy. She says initially, about 66% of healthcare workers didn’t want to be the first to get the COVID-19 vaccination for several reasons. “Politicization of the process, lack of information about the vaccine and concern about the side effects,” Rimoin said. (Rimoin was also interviewed by KTTV-TV and KPCC-FM’s “Take Two.”)

Study: Americans moved west, south in 2020 | U.S. News and World Report

“United Van Lines’ data makes it clear that migration to western and southern states, a prevalent pattern for the past several years, persisted in 2020,” said Michael Stoll, an economist and professor in the Department of Public Policy at the University of California – Los Angeles, in a news release. “However, we’re seeing that the COVID-19 pandemic has without a doubt accelerated broader moving trends, including retirement driving top inbound regions as the Baby Boomer generation continues to reach that next phase of life.”

U.S. needs to rekindle cordial ties with China | China Daily

(Commentary written by UCLA’s Christopher Tang) Who is winning the U.S.-China trade war? Currently, the United States is losing some ground while China is picking up momentum. President-elect Joe Biden needs to quickly and carefully rethink the U.S.’ global trade policy.

Many women satisfied without reconstruction after mastectomy | MyNewsLA

Nearly three-quarters of women surveyed for a study led by researchers at the UCLA Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center were satisfied with their decision to forgo reconstruction surgery after a mastectomy… “Undergoing a mastectomy with or without reconstruction is often a very personal choice,” said Dr. Deanna Attai, an assistant clinical professor of surgery at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, and senior author of the study.

Ways to diversify California’s teaching force | EdSource

During winter 2019, researchers from Bank Street College of Education’s Prepared to Teach program and UCLA Center X surveyed teacher candidates in the UCLA Teacher Education Program about their financial situation. They found that 84% (78 out of 93) of students enrolled in this program identify as a person of color (6 Black, 16 Asian American, 56 Latinx). Our response rate was 80% (73 out of 93). Notably, 82% of students reported that they worry about their financial situation (44% very frequently, 38% frequently).