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Fast-food workers at high risk of COVID | City News Service

Fast-food workers are at higher risk of contracting COVID-19 in addition to facing difficult work conditions during the pandemic, a new UCLA Labor Center study published on Tuesday, Jan. 4, reveals. The report provides an in-depth portrait of COVID-19 safety compliance through the lens of fast-food workers’ accounts and testimonies. (UCLA’s Tia Koonse and Saba Waheed are quoted. Also: Insider, LAist, Los Angeles Magazine, KNX-AM, KCRW-FM and KPCC-FM.)

Rapid COVID tests for California schools  | Los Angeles Times

“What happens in the schools mirrors what happens in the community,” said Dr. Timothy Brewer, a professor of medicine and epidemiology at UCLA. “The risk of outbreaks increases with outbreaks in the community.”

Compassion needs to become corporate policy | Washington Post

“If we don’t find ways to bring attention to the emotional suffering that people are coping with right now, it will turn into more serious problems,” Vickie Mays, a professor of health policy and management at the University of California at Los Angeles, told the journal.

‘Don’t Look Up’ as a climate change parable | Yahoo News

“There’s obviously some criticism of the media in the film — I don’t think it’s a media problem, per se, it’s a societal problem,” UCLA climate scientist Daniel Swain told Yahoo News. “But there are some scenes that were funny in the movie, but on further reflection not all that funny,” he added, referring to the scientists’ appearance on the morning show.

Gig economy companies brace for challenging year | Bloomberg

“At the beginning of the pandemic many of us wondered if it was the death knell for Uber and Lyft. If their business model were to fail, what would that mean for app-based gig work?” said Tia Koonse, the legal and policy research manager at the University of California, Los Angeles Labor Center. “It’s looking like it’s a model that’s here to stay.”

How to better represent real life on TV | Spectrum News 1

Minimizing the role of equality in television and film is harming minority viewers, according to a report from the UCLA Center for Scholars and Storytellers that analyzed the top 10 TV shows teenagers watch. As the lead researcher, Dr. Yalda T. Uhls says the idea is to teach writers at all of the major studios how to better represent real life in these story lines played out on TV.

More workers quitting their jobs | KPCC-FM’s “AirTalk”

“From our perspective at the UCLA Latino Policy and Politics Initiative, these kinds of job quits are also part of a cost-benefit analysis … I think a second piece is that a lot of people, especially in the low-wage sector, are wondering whether or not the tradeoffs are worth it for them. So a lot of the job quits and resignations have been primarily in low-wage sectors like restaurants and bar workers, retail work, and arts and recreation,” said UCLA’s Misael Galdámez (approx. 3:55 mark).