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Golden Globes see wins in diversity | Los Angeles Daily News

Pamela J. Peters, a Navajo documentarian and photographer based in L.A. and a friend of [Lily] Gladstone’s, celebrated the historic achievement by quoting Gladstone’s speech: “For every little ‘res kid’ with a dream.” Peters, who works at the UCLA American Indian Studies Center, called it a “groundbreaking” win for Native American representation in Hollywood — which is still battling its long history of tropes and stereotypes.

Removing barriers to health care | Sacramento Bee

The UCLA Center for Health Policy Research estimates that there are 1.3 million Californians who are uninsured but qualify for subsidies with Covered California or would be eligible for Medi-Cal.

Governor’s appointees aren’t as diverse as state | CalMatters

Californians of color are underrepresented among Gov. Gavin Newsom’s appointees last year, accounting for 39% while white appointees make up 52%, according to an analysis to be released today … A similar study conducted by UCLA’s Latino Policy and Politics Institute found that, as of March 2022, Latinos were the most underrepresented among all executive branch appointees, making up just 18%.

Is climate change making antibiotic resistance worse? | Nature

Although researchers have some understanding of how climate change will exacerbate the rise in antibiotic resistance, scientists are now digging into the mechanisms and exploring how large the effect could be, says Pamela Yeh, an evolutionary biologist at the University of California, Los Angeles. “Climate change and antibiotic resistance are two of the biggest health issues of our time,” she says. “Researchers are starting to look at how they link up.”

UCLA’s music business bachelor’s program | Los Angeles Magazine

UCLA is prepping the next generation of music business movers, shakers and leaders with its inaugural Music Industry Bachelor of Arts degree, a program 10 years in the making that finally launched in fall … For in-state students, the program is an “unbeatable value proposition,” says UCLA’s Robert Fink, a professor in musicology and chair of Music Industry Programs. “NYU or USC are two, three, even four times as expensive as we are.”

IUDs – worthy contraceptive or painful hassle? | LAist-FM’s ‘AirTalk’

“The Dalkon Shield really did cause a lot of issues in women, and IUDs were pulled from the market. However, since then, we have come up with tremendous advances and great IUDs which can help women not only with birth control but with bleeding issues, endometriosis. It’s really become a panacea for many conditions,” said UCLA’s Dr. Leena Nathan (approx. 2:25 mark).